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Dramas, comedies, and thrillers

 Sex education

A Comedy-drama television series set in the middle school of the small town of Moordale. The plot is based on situations in which the classmates of the main character — Otis Milburn, who lives with his mother Jean Milburn, a well-known specialist in sexology and relationship psychology, find themselves.

Black mirror

One of the most popular TV series, which offers viewers to plunge into the stories associated with modern high technology. Each new episode presents a separate story that will make the viewer think about the rationality of using high technologies and their possible consequences.

Stranger things

The series is set in the 80's in the fictional city of Hawkins. The first season of the series tells about the events that occurred in November 1983: a girl with telekinesis escapes from a secret government laboratory, and at the same time a boy mysteriously disappears, and his mother, friends and the local police chief begin searching for the missing person. The second season, set in October 1984, focuses on the characters ' attempts to return to normal life after the events of the first season. The third season tells the story of events in Hawkins in the summer of 1985.


The main characters in the series are FBI special agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench, who work in the behavioral science Department of the FBI Academy in Quantico. They interview incarcerated serial killers, classify their behavior in order to understand the criminal's mindset, and create practical guidelines for solving current criminal cases. They are assisted in their research by psychology Professor Wendy Carr.


Los Angeles, 1985. Unemployed actress Ruth Wilder receives an invitation to a women wrestling TV show audition. She immediately has a conflict with the show's Director Sam Sylvia due to her habit of overplaying in the ring. The problems get worse when her best friend and former soap opera star Debbie Egan discovers that her husband cheated on her with Ruth. This instantly makes the girls the show stars.


Marty Bird and his business partner, Bruce Liddell, work as financial consultants in downtown Chicago, but in reality they work with the second largest Mexican cartel, laundering money for it. When his friend cheats the crime boss Camino Del Rio and pays for it with his life, the main character promises to pay for all the damage and even more on pain of death. He promises to move with his family to the tourist region of the Ozarks and launder half a billion dollars in five years. Deprived of the right to make a mistake, a man draws himself, his wife and two children into a dangerous game.


A historical drama television series released on Netflix and dedicated to the reign of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. 


Events unfold in Vienna in the 1880s. Young psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, wanting to establish himself in the medical community and get a grant for his research, plans to mislead the examination board of 30 best doctors in the city by playing a hypnosis session with his housekeeper Lenore. One night, at a friend's party, a man witnesses a session of real hypnosis conducted by a female medium, Fleur Salome, which allows him to finally understand how his theory differs from practice. At the same time, a series of murders takes place in the city, which make even the local aristocrats think about their safety. 


The series is based on the novel of the same name by Deborah Feldman, which made a lot of noise because of the public coverage of the order prevailing in closed Hasidic communities. The drama tells the story of a girl who escapes from a Hasidic (Orthodox Jewish) community in new York to go to Berlin and start a new life there, free from religious restrictions. However, even there, the past still catches up with her.


What are you ready for love? When a bookstore employee meets a talented aspiring writer, the answer is obvious: absolutely everything. Using social networks, he learns the smallest details about the girl's life in order to get as close to her as possible. A sweet infatuation turns into a dangerous obsession. The guy is ready to quietly and methodically remove any obstacle on the way to his goal, even if this obstacle is a person. And his beloved does not notice who her boyfriend really is.

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