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10 Lifehacks to Make Skin Ideal While Sleeping

It’s a well-known fact that skin never sleeps. But at night there is no need to resist the attacks of free radicals, so our skin goes into a more active phase of regeneration. At this time, collagen is produced, skin tissues are repaired, the effects of oxidative stress are removed and сell vitalization is accelerated. You should make the most of this knowledge while planning your evening skin care procedures. And although no beauty components can replace a good night’s rest, there are still several ways to optimize this process.

A cup of coffee has become a part of everyday morning routine for many of us. But we often ignore evening rituals that help us get prepared for a night’s rest. A couple of hours before bedtime, put aside your gadgets so that their light does not slow down the synthesis of melatonin. After that ventilate the room and sсatter some lavender spray on your pillow (if it’s summer, you can use lemongrass spray as it has a soothing effect and repels mosquitoes). And I also like to mention Victoria Beckham as an example. Once, she admitted that she always goes to bed in socks having previously applied a nourishing foot cream. This detail has nothing to do with the quality of sleep but it is directly related to the quality of life.

Collagen synthesis starts during sleep and can last for up to 9 hours. If you don't get enough rest, you don't just stop this process. Lack of sleep is a stress for the whole body. It causes a surge of cortisol which blocks the synthesis of somatotropic hormone and increases the destruction of collagen fibers.

I will never stop reminding you about the necessity to clean your skin before going to bed even if you have returned home after midnight. You can do without applying the cream or use the same moisturizer as during the day. But if you don’t remove your makeup before going to bed, your skin won’t forgive you. Perhaps, in the morning you won’t notice any consequences. But neglecting a makeup removal will provoke microinflammations and won’t allow your skin to restore. All beauty insiders recommend to perform double cleansing. You can use oil balm make-up remover and a light gel cleanser with acids.

In 2017, the Nobel prize in physiology and medicine was awarded for the discovery and study of skin circadian rhythms. Since then, everyone has been talking about melatonin. This "sleep hormone" regulates skin recovery processes. Scientists have suggested that if it is applied to the skin, it becomes biologically more active. Many people will immediately object to it as cosmetic products with hormones are prohibited for free sale. But experts give valid arguments. "For cosmetics, melatonin molecules are extracted from cocoa essence. Cherry tree flowers are an alternative source, - explains the chemical engineer Yulia Gagarina. "It's a phytosteroid. You should keep in mind that phytosteroids are structurally similar to our natural hormones but have a weaker effect on our body. The safety of this plant melatonin molecule has been verified and approved by the European Commission."

During the period from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m., cell recovery processes reach a peak. Moreover, the speed of natural regeneration processes almost doubles. That’s why dermatologists recommend to fall asleep before midnight. In addition, during sleep skin's permeability increases. As a result, its susceptibility to active skin care components is also on the rise.

Only ten years ago, most of us couldn’t even think that there was anything apart from creams that could be efficient for night skin care. Then, serums, boosters and masks were added to this list. Nowadays, there is much debate about face masks. Some people don’t like gel leftovers on their pillows, others can’t fall asleep because of the intense aroma or don’t understand the instructions. All these complaints are justified. Some brands claim that their night masks are for everyday use ignoring the fact that their direct purpose is for intensive skin care. So what is the difference between a mask and a cream? But there is one skincare product that you need to use only at night - hyaluronic patches with the effect of microneedling. Tiny needles stimulate the penetration of the active component. The longer their effect lasts, the more impressive the result will be. For example, b-Selfie patches for boosting lip volume can be used two hours before a party. But it is much better to apply them at night. But don’t forget to make sure that you don’t sleep with your face on the pillow.

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