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For eye makeup, you will need a pencil, liner and a spoon!

All girls are divided into those who do not know how to draw arrows, and those who can do it literally on the go, without even looking in the mirror. If you belong to the first group, you should be patient and start training regularly to fill your hand. Firstly, decide what you will use: a pencil or a liner. Secondly, remember a few rules that will greatly facilitate the learning process.

1. Draw eyelines in good light so that all errors are visible.

2. Draw eyelines looking directly into the mirror. Then the line will not be deformed when the eyes are open due to the eyelid crease.

3. If you are not sure about the line shape, try drawing it with a light pencil first. In case of failure, the line can be easily erased.

4.To make the tail clearer and neat, use a special brush with an even or oblique cut and shadows-eyeliner from a jar. Errors can be corrected with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover.

5. Start drawing the line from the middle of the eyelid to the point where the ciliated contour ends, and then from the inner corner of the eye to the center. The technique is more psychological, because it takes a certain amount of time to concentrate on such a painstaking process and draw a straight line. From the center of the eye, the line can begin to expand, it is not terrible if the hand trembles, you can just slightly thicken the line.

6. Stretch the eyelid to align the skin's relief, so the line will be smooth.

7. To make eye makeup last longer, degrease the eyelid by applying a base under the shadow.

There are also several non-standard ways to help you draw beautiful lines:

1. To make the eyeline have a perfectly even tail, attach a business card, a piece of paper, or the tip of a teaspoon to the corner of your eye. Make sure that the angle at which you apply these items is the same for both the right and left eyes. And then you will get absolutely symmetrical eye lines.

2. You can also use a spoon to draw a thick or graphic line end: just apply the round base to the edge of the eye. In short, use a spoon as a ruler-template, which, by the way, you can also use.

3. Great help in drawing the eyelines can be an ordinary tape. Stick a small piece of transparent adhesive tape, starting from the outer corner of the eye at the angle you need, on both eyes at once. Make sure everything is symmetrical. Then start drawing lines. If you do this with a liner, let it dry and then peel off the tape.

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