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Celebrities tell about how to maintain a perfect figure


Even such a superwoman like Jennifer Lopez admits that sometimes she doesn't have the energy to go to a workout, but even at such moments, the star finds ways to motivate herself.

I'm like a fighter entering the ring! I do cardio and follow the Tracy Anderson method. Sometimes I come home and I don't feel well, but I just force myself to go to the gym: I take a shower, put on a sexy uniform, and do light makeup. After that, I feel that I am ready for gym feats and I am proud of myself.

The Tracy Anderson method, which is followed by Gwyneth Paltrow, Penelope Cruz, Madonna and a dozen other celebrities, involves an hour training 6 times a week. The exercises are done a large number of times (from 60 to 100), but with little or no weight.


Rihanna admits that in order to maintain perfect shape, she has to work out every day. The girl focuses on cardio. How to stand such a rhythm? The lack of willpower is compensated by a personal trainer presence, who does not allow the star to relax:

The main thing is cardio training! I have a personal trainer who travels with me if an important event is coming up. I train every day, but I need a coach who will motivate me!


A young mother and Justin Timberlake's wife admits that her rules for maintaining a perfect figure are as old as the world.

For me, the main components of an ideal shape are a sufficient amount of sleep, a lot of water, a healthy diet and a complete lack of alcohol. I know it's boring, but it really helps!

However, in this scheme, Jessica forgot to mention regular training. Especially for the actress, her personal trainer Jason Walsh has developed a series of exercises that can be done anywhere — they do not require special equipment or special skills: knee-bend with a jump, push-ups, planks, lunges.


In addition to hours-long dance rehearsals, Beyonce regularly exercises with light dumbbells.

I do a lot of low-weight exercises. For example, I turn on my favorite song and while it's playing, I swing my biceps with 5-pound dumbbells.

By the way, the singer rarely goes to the gym, most often she works out at home, and every time she has a free minute, she prefers to spend it on a mini-workout. When Beyonce needs to get in perfect shape before an important event, she goes on a 22-day vegan diet. The star's husband, rapper Jay-Z, supports her, completely rejecting animal products too.


The main this year body trend is a big booty. So Kate Hudson dreams of having her ass become more seductive. The actress works with a trainer on the Brazilian Butt Lifts program, the exercises from which are just aimed at building muscle mass on the thighs.

Sometimes I just dance and move to warm up, because I feel like I need to shake up. I also never miss a Pilates workout and Brazilian Butt Lifts, this is a program where all the effort is focused on the body and the butt.

By the way, you can use this system at home — on the Internet you can find a huge number of video training sessions for gaining a Brazilian ass.


Although Kim Kardashian says that she is happy with her form, she does not forget about regular workout in the gym. But the main secret of the star's seductive figure is a special tight corset in which Kim trains, walks with her daughter and even sleeps. The star plans to return to this wardrobe item after giving the second birth.

I am very proud of my curves and I hope that all girls with seductive curves are happy with themselves! It is important to work on your body and be the best version of yourself, but don't think that if you become the thinnest, you will also be the happiest. Be confident and shine!


Cameron Diaz is a lucky: first of all, she is not inclined to fatness, and secondly, she likes going training. The actress goes to the gym as often as her work schedule allows. She does Pilates, cardio, weight training, and regularly surfs. Diaz says that she can't imagine her life without physical activity and admits that she has a strange addiction:

Personally, I love going to the gym. I like to be among sweaty people who overcome themselves, people who strive for a certain goal. I love being surrounded with such people.


Model Chrissy Teigen, whose candid photos have repeatedly graced the pages of men's magazine Sports Illustrated, admits that it is important to pay attention not only to the number of workouts, but also to their time. The girl prefers going to the gym in the morning:

I always trains in the morning! I remind myself how amazing I feel after a workout and never regret it! My favorite program is Physique 57, inspired by ballet.

This system is a mix of cardio, strength training, and stretching. Each workout lasts exactly 57 minutes, and the exercises differ from the usual ones as they based on classical choreography.


Gigi Hadid is only 20 years old, so to maintain a perfect figure, she does not have to make a lot of effort. The girl admits that standard training in the gym is not for her, but Boxing is what she really likes. Gigi's sport mantra sounds rather strange:

I always say: eat healthy food to stay fit, eat burgers to stay sane! When I came to IMG modeling Agency, my main thought was that I should always be in shape. But I will never do one thing, even if it means giving up my dream — I will never get too thin!


Another star who does not think about the fact that youth and thinness are not eternal is Cara Delevingne. The young model philosophizes:

The most important thing is to feel sexy, regardless of what you are wearing and what form you are in. It's all about self-confidence! I know that this is not so easy, and sometimes any girl feels she is not attractive enough, but the secret is that when a man sees a confident woman, this is a real sex for him!
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