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Recommendations that will help you relieve stress

Poor time management at work may result in stress. There are only 24 hours in a day that’s why it’s important to organize yourself and your day in order to fight stress at work.

1. Try not to distract yourself from one activity. For example, don't leave your work mailbox open on your computer all day long: set a certain time frame for reading and responding to new emails.

2. Complete your tasks until the end. Don't leave the task that you've already started to do something else that might be easier or more interesting.

3. Don't put anything off till tomorrow. You don’t have the heart to start a huge annual report and instead, you’ve decided to clean your desk or read the news on the Internet? Yes, at this particular moment you can feel a little easier, but then everything is likely to aggravate: you’ll have a bunch of stuff to do, your anxiety will increase while your self-esteem will drop.

4. It’s important to take breaks. Those who are used to working from morning till night without breaks often have a lower level of productivity than those who wisely distribute their efforts! Fatigue accumulates imperceptibly, concentration decreases, all tasks merge into one unmanageable bunch, and you feel sick at heart… Get up from your computer, stretch, do some squats, or try to go outside for a while - just to walk around and look at the clouds!

5. Give meaning to your work. When we are doing the work that we are passionate about, we don’t notice how much effort and time we spend! We enjoy our job when we clearly understand that we are doing useful things that are in line with our beliefs and abilities.

6. Realize the limits of your capabilities. You can't do everything – it’s useful to keep this simple idea in mind, especially if you are a perfectionist or consider your professional accomplishments to be your most important advantage. Eventually, if you drive yourself to a job burnout, you’ll feel bad and therefore, won’t be able to work well.

7. Learn to ask for help. And don't be shy to say about your difficulties out loud. If you want to fight stress at work, first of all, you need to give up a (false) belief that you are all-powerful and the whole world should depend only on you.

8. Always strive to clearly define your responsibilities. First, this will allow you to plan your time with greater certainty and allocate your efforts correctly. Secondly, it will be much more difficult for your colleagues or superiors to give you additional tasks.

9. Learn to say "no". The workload is increasing, your boss keeps giving you new tasks, and you feel bad about saying no to him? First, tell about your feelings out loud: "I'm embarrassed to say no to you”. Then state your position clearly - speak in the first person ("I", "my job", etc.) and avoid excuses. For example: "You are asking me to get started on this project. This goes beyond the bounds of the work that was planned. As a result, my schedule is overloaded". Finally, say how you feel about this situation: "I feel like I'm inefficiently wasting my efforts".

10. Know your self-worth. If you know the exact value of your knowledge and skills on the labor market, it will be easier for you to adequately react to criticism.

11. Don't dramatize events. Your boss didn't say hello to you in the morning, and there are rumors about possible staff reductions? Don't get so far ahead. The golden rule for coping with stress is to deal with one thing at a time. And by the way, your boss is a living person who also has problems from time to time. Don't take all the negative stuff personally!

12. Reward yourself! Even if your working day was not very successful, don’t forget to note your achievements — even the most modest ones. And be sure to praise yourself!

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