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A check-list.

1. You are made compliments about appearance not less than once a week (but definitely not every six months!)

2. You never feel that you have overdone: your outfit always matches the situation.

3. Your friends often ask where you bought this or that thing, and then copy your image.

4. Your style can be described in three words.

5. In your wardrobe there are always classic things that can help out under any circumstances: a trench coat, a small black dress, a gray golf, a sheath coat.

6. You have your own dressmaker who can make new clothes suitable to your figure.

7. Friends and relatives ask you to go shopping with them.

8. On the street, you are sometimes asked where you bought your earrings or coat.

9. You have a lot of followers on Instagram.

10. Even when you think that you have nothing to wear, you can create a stylish image of simple things.

11. Your outfits in the photo that was made three months ago look as stylish as on the photos made three years ago. And you can still wear something you bought many years ago: it never goes out of fashion.

12. Your friends do not like to present you clothes and accessories, because they are afraid to lose money and not please you.

13. You don't need to take out a loan to dress well: you can easily find things that look expensive and stylish, but don't necessarily cost a lot of money.

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