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Some of them are based on real events

Mr & Mme Adelman

Victor is a beginner writer, Sarah has a master's degree in classical literature, and their common weakness is Joyce and Dostoevsky. They were free and carefree, but their chance meeting in a bar would drag on for 45 years. How will they cope with success, wealth, and banal boredom? Who will get everything, and who will remain in the shadow? The story of one family, a great love, on the sun-filled boulevards of Paris.

Destination Wedding

Frank is a confirmed bachelor who never believed in love. He goes to the wedding of his half-brother and he is not happy about this event at all. Also, he is not happy with Lindsay, a traveling companion, who is also invited to this wedding. By the will of fate, they find themselves together at the airport, on a plane, in a taxi, in neighboring hotel rooms, and even at the same table at dinner. They do not feel sympathy for each other and probably would never pay attention to each other, because they are very different people. But love has its own opinion on them. 

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

In post-war London, a young writer Juliet tries to find a plot for a new book, but she does not want to write about the horrors of war, other topics seem either boring or inappropriate. A remakable case comes to help : in the form of a pig farmer letter from the island of Guernsey, who asks for advice of a good bookshop. This letter turns Juliet's life upside down. The book club story, which has become a cover for forbidden meetings of villagers, fascinates and drags her. 

Mamma Mia! 2

The action takes place five years after the events of the first film. Sophie lives on Kalokairi with one of her "fathers" Sam and they are going to open their updated family tavern on the island in memory of Donna, Sam's wife and Sophie's mother, who died a year earlier. Sophie decides to make an opening party on this occasion, that's why the previously familiar characters come to Kalokairi again: her mother's friends, Tanya and Rosie, and Sophie's "fathers" — Bill and Harry. 

Magic in the Moonlight 

The action takes place in the 20s of the XX century in France. A young Englishman comes to the Cote d'azur in order to expose the crooks operating in the city. But the mysterious fraudster turns out to be a beautiful girl, in which the "detective" falls in love.

Letters to Juliet

Verona-the city of love, the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet-forever changes the lives of those who set foot on its streets. A young American woman, Sofia, finds herself in Verona with a group of volunteers who respond to letters addressed to Juliet. One day, she finds a lost letter from the early 60s, in which a certain Claire Smiff writes about her mad love. Touched, Sofia searches for an elderly Englishwoman and inspires her to come to Italy in search of her long-lost lover. A respectable grandson accompanying a lady on a trip is against the adventurous idea, but he likes Sofia very much.

One in the Other (L'un dans l'autre) French version

Pierre, Amy, Eric and Penelope have been friends for a thousand years. But suddenly Pierre and Penelope become lovers. Unable to get out of the situation, they decide to end the relationship. But after a night that was supposed to be their last, they wake up in each other's bodies. Now they need to keep their secret and somehow get out of all the problems.

The Age Of Adaline

The main character was born in the XX century and lives in the world for a hundred years, but is not getting age. Despite her long life, Adeline was never able to find a loved one. However, at last she meets a man for whom she can become mortal again and grow old with him.

The Shape of Water

The action takes place in 1963. The main character is a mute cleaner in a scientific laboratory. In this secret agency people study captured Amphibian Man The woman falls in love with him and helps him escape.

Mr. Stein Goes Online

The 75-year-old widower leads a secluded life. Relatives give him a computer in the hope of reviving the old man's everyday life. Soon, he makes an online acquaintance, however, somewhat embellishing the data of his profile. Due to elegant conversation, unusual for modern people, a young beautiful woman become very interested in him. How to avoid being exposed? A love triangle with a very unusual development.

Our Souls at Night

Louis Waters is an elderly man who, after the death of his wife, has become used to being alone. Eddie Moore — his neighbor, who is also single, but needs a man's shoulder. Each of them has their own life: children, grandchildren, old friends, everyday worries. Trying to cope with loneliness, Eddie suggests that Louis get closer, get to know each other better, and even spend the night together. After carefully considering everything, the man agrees to try to brighten up a lonely life. But will two elderly people with a huge life experience be able to get closer and start a new life with someone new for themselves? 

Tulip Fever

Holland, 17th century. Bulbs of beautiful flowers become the cause of fabulous wealth or humiliating poverty. The people of Amsterdam are ready to do anything for them: fraud, forgery... and even murder. In the atmosphere of Tulip mania, the passion of a poor artist to the young, seductive wife of an aging rich merchant can lead very far.

United Kingdom

The film begins in the late forties of the last century in England. Seretse Khama is a Prince who is to become the future king of the African state of Bechuanaland. While studying at a London College, he meets a charming girl, Ruth Williams, with whom he falls in love at first sight. She reciprocates his feelings, and after a while the couple decides to get married. However, almost everyone is against their union: Seretse's disgruntled father, the entire Royal family, and even the government of the United Kingdom. The marriage of a young couple causes a huge resonance around the world, and now the lovers have to go through many obstacles to find the desired happiness.

Our Lovers

Carlos can't go through break up with his girlfriend and goes to a book bar to drink brandy for the first time in his life. Here he meets Irene, a regular at this place, who also has problems in her personal life. At first sight, feelings flare up between them, and the young people are plunged into a stormy romance. They made up fictitious names and begin their relationship without any haste or commitment. 

A Perfect Plan

Isabel wants to get married. But her family is cursed. All first marriages inevitably end in divorce. So when her boyfriend proposes to her, Isabel decides to outwit fate. She finds the first loser she meets, makes him fall in love with her, and instead of getting a divorce, accidentally falls in love with him.

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