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What beauty mistakes will your eyebrows definitely not forgive?

1. Dying your eyebrows with hair dye

Cheap and cheerful. But not as harmless as it looks. Hair dyes contain much stronger reagents than special products for eyebrows and eyelashes. What is the risk? There may be severe irritation on the skin in the brow area, and the hairs will most likely become brittle and begin to fall out.

2. Achieving symmetry

Eyebrows that look like two Twix sticks are not a good idea. After all, our face is a little asymmetric by nature. The "mirror" shape of the eyebrows will emphasize this. So let them differ slightly from each other.

3. Removing the hairs against the growth

Otherwise, they will grow in, and it will be extremely difficult to get rid of them.

4. Saving on tweezers

Tweezers from a budget supermarket are not an option. A poor-quality tool can damage and break the hairs — which also contributes to their ingrowth. Good tweezers are made of stainless steel: they are durable and do not irritate the skin. Another important point. The tip of the tweezers should be beveled and well sharpened. This way it is easy to pick up even the thinnest and shortest hairs.

5. Trimming your eyebrows with anything at hand

Scissors with rounded edges are a bad idea. Which hairs will be cut and which leave is always a lottery for beginners. But it is very easy to control the angle of the cut with scissors with straight blades. The main thing — do not get carried away! You only need to shorten the hairs that are very out of shape.

6. Using foundation on the eyebrows

For eyebrows have long been invented special tools (in fact, you do not wash them with shampoo and hair conditioner, aren't you?). So the foundation should only be used for its intended purpose. When applied to the brow area, it can clog pores, cause skin irritation and slow down hair growth.

7. Shaving your eyebrows

You can only shave your eyebrows and draw touching stripes in their place if you are Lady Gaga. No? Then you shouldn't do it. When shaving, the hairs are damaged and turn into bristles: they become rougher, begin to grow in. For the same reason, it is better not to use a trimmer.

8. Using black dye

Black dye is the best way to make your eyebrows thick and bright? It is not so. With this coloring, you will most likely resemble the worst version of Gwen Stefani — with dark thread eyebrows. They look unnatural and rough. Well, you can get a rich color and adjust the shape using any other shade (even light brown, even dark brown).

9. Making very-very fashionable eyebrows

While models of respectable fashion shows flaunt eyebrows that shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow, on ordinary girls such makeup often looks freaky. Don't want to risk? Then try out calmer variations of this trend. For example, use colored shadows only on the lower contour of the brow. Or apply a gel with glitter to the very tips of the hairs.  Do not mess around with the forms, too. As a basis, take the trend for wide natural eyebrows. But choose the bend together with the master depending on the shape of the face.

10.  Doing everything by yourself

With this approach, the chances of spoiling the shape of the eyebrows are high. If you are against regular trips to the salon, look there at least once. And then just support the result at home. Want more? Then sign up for a brow-skill lesson. In a couple of lessens, you will learn how to color your eyebrows, give them the desired shape and correct it using make-up tools.

11. Drawing a shape using a stencil

All people's faces are so different that stenciled eyebrows often look ridiculous. Especially when chubby girls get patterns with barely noticeable curves. And vice versa.

12. Using the wrong brush

A beveled (and no other) brush will help you draw the perfect shape of your eyebrows. Ingenious invention.

13. Not to use cosmetics

Natural make-up is in honor. But this does not mean that you should give up using tools for eyebrows. The minimum program is to comb them up with a transparent gel. The maximum is to draw the shape with a pencil, mask the gaps with shadows,and fix the result with brow mascara.

14. Bad shading

The brush attached to most brow pencils is for a reason. After drawing, you need to carefully comb the hair. Until they look natural. An important rule! Make the tips more graphic, but the base - on the contrary - supernatural. 

15. Trying to pluck your boyfriend's eyebrows

You don't need to do this, even if your counterpart's hair is five times thicker than Colin Farrell's…There is no obvious correction — only the most harmless techniques. For example, you can slightly shorten a few long hairs. Or use tweezers to work out the bridge of your nose.

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