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The Internet is filled with such articles as "100 things worth doing for the rest of your life", but in the beauty industry, everything differs. The abundance of products in the beauty industry does not oblige us to buy everything. At the same time, at least once each of us was tempted by an attractive bottle of cream or an unusual shade of lipstick, which were doomed to be unused. I decided to correct an unfortunate injustice and collected 30 main care and makeup products that should appear on your makeup table before the 30th anniversary.

1. Red lipstick

Everyone should have classic red lipstick. The perfect shade has the lipstick No. 25 from Guerlain. It has superphentermine particles and a caring formula with nourishing mango butter and jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid. And you can admire such an art object cases endlessly.

2. Tonal Cushion

Such a compact powder Cushion package with a soft sponge pillow, which is impregnated with foundation allows you to create makeup literally on the run. An invaluable skill for Millennials in the stone jungle. And the Dreamskin Moist & Perfect Cushion from Dior contains longose extracts, sawdust and 50 for sun protection.

3. The spa effect product

You can't always find time for spa treatments in your work schedule. In this case, such a tool should be in the home care arsenal. According to the creator idea, applying the mask Le Soin Noir & Blanc with black and white textures from Givenchy is similar to the traditional rejuvenating Japanese massage Kobido, and you will also like it.

4. Cleansing mousse

To avoid the daily routine of cleansing your skin, get a fragrant product with a pleasant texture. Kenzoki's Lotus Mousse with white Lotus vegetable water concentrate, which cleanses and simultaneously moisturizes the skin, is just like this.

5. Mask for skin radiance

Dull skin is the scourge of all Millennials. To avoid relying on glowing powder and highlighter, top up your beauty wardrobe with Kiehl's Turmeric&Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque with turmeric and cranberry seeds. The cheerful color of the product, like vitamin D, will save you from the autumn Blues.

6. Oil for hair

To make your hair look like a celebrity has, get rid of split ends in the salon every two-three months and regularly treat them with special oil. The acclaimed brand Hair Rituel by Sisley has impeccable quality. In Precious Hair Care Oil, the creators used a real beauty cocktail for hair – Shea oil, passion fruit, cotton seeds and Moringa, this mix restores hair along the entire length.

7. Fluid for skin

Unlike cream, the fluid is lighter, absorbs and moisturizes the skin in seconds. A Slow Age fluid with SPF 25, thermal water, antioxidants and bifidus probiotics from Vichy also protects against aging and UV aggression.

8. Cream for skin elasticity

By the age of 30, under the influence of gravity, the face oval begins to lose its former clarity. Resveratrol Lift cream from Caudalie smoothes wrinkles and gives volume to the face contour thanks to resveratrol from the vine, a complex of micro-hyaluronic acids, phospholipids, grape seed oil and pearl particles.

9. Matting wipes

Even if you have dry skin, matting napkins are useful in the heat or moments of severe stress. Excellent linen paper, suitable even for owners of very sensitive skin, you can buy it in American Mary Kay.

10. Refreshing spray

Moisturizing and protective sprays are must for the inhabitants of the metropolis. Look at the "Golden" mist City Protect Incellium Spray from Institut Esthederm, which reliably protects against the blue light of gadget screens, laptops and UV-spectrum radiation, and the "silver" cell water Eau Cellulaire for humidification in the air conditioners and batteries mode.

11. Convenient liner

Clear graphic line of a rich black color that do not spread, do not imprint on the eyelids and persistently withstand a prolonged party is not difficult to do with the right liner. Gel Eyeliner Waterproof in a convenient tube with a special miniature brush from Clarins is just like this. The liner holds the line for up to 12 hours.

12. Scented candle

You never know when an aroma candle might come at hand – whether it's a hen party, a spontaneous date, or just a desire to be alone with yourself. Tuberose from Sisley is an olfactory home relaxation method. It has divine pepper, tuberose, ylang-ylang, Jasmine absolute, Peruvian balsam, Bourbon vanilla smell. It is recommended to combine with the songs FKA Twigs and Maroon 5.

13. Multi-tasking mascara

To find mascara that can lengthen, add volume, split and twist your lashes is almost as important as meeting the right person. The Artistry Studio brand helped solve the first problem by creating a multi-functional Gotham black mascara. It copes with all tasks: when the brush is pushed out, it is able to give volume, in the usual form works with length, and mini-bristles serve for separation.

14. Night face serum

Apply the right serum for night care – and you will be happy. Immortelle Reset serum oil from L'occitane contains immortelle essential oil and extracts of okmella and marjoram, which together work as antioxidants, triggering the genetic mechanisms of rebooting and restoring the skin at night.

15. Lip balm

To keep the lipstick from rolling down and your lips plump and moist, use lip balm regularly. Apivita has a cool-colorless, with SPF 20, beeswax, honey, cocoa, Shea, olive and jojoba oils. It nourishes, creates a reliable protection on delicate skin and makes your lips ready to be kissed.

16. Night cream

While we sleep, the skin recovers. So a special cream for this time is not a whim, but a necessity. Hydrating Repair night cream from Image SkinCare contains a complex of vitamins A, C, E, healing and soothing extract of the common cuff, jojoba oil and Royal Mandarin peel, aloe Vera leaf juice and fatty linoleic acid. The right skin blanket from a professional brand.

17. Night concentrate

Night restoring concentrate for the face is needed no less than a cream. It is definitely worth trying the legendary Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, a night concentrate without water, which for 99.8% consists of natural essential oils and plant extracts. The skin will love it, I promise.

18. Micellar eye and lip makeup remover

Each of us found ourselves in a situation where ordinary mascara or lipstick suddenly behaved like water-resistant. For this and more usual case, removing waterproof cosmetics requires a special tool, an effective, but gentle cleanser of the delicate areas around the eyes and lips. The British from Medik8 created such one. Micellar water for removing waterproof makeup Eyes & Lips Micellar Cleanse with chamomile, glycerin, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid easily copes with two tasks.

19. Cosmetics for creating “make-up without makeup”

Lively blush cheeks are combined with almost any make-up. No Blush Blush from Perricone MD brand restores the skin's pigment and color, contributing to its natural pink glow. This product is part of the No Makeup line, which has everything to create a feeling of naked skin: gloss and lipstick, mascara, highlighter serum, Foundation and bronzer. The credo of this collection sounds like "make-up that is more natural than its absence".

20. Powder

I will not even write about the fact that an indispensable tool, a powder is worth getting every girl under 30 years old. Just say: the iconic meteor powder from Guerlain is worth trying at least once in your life. To fall in love with it forever. Pink shades refresh the complexion, soft green hides redness, pale lilac reflect light, white brightens, and Golden give a beautiful glow. And it also changes the outfit for the holidays, so that each version is hunted by beauty collectors around the world.

21. Super moisturizer

The skin can be dehydrated not only during the period of active insolation, but also all year round. For emergencies, get a moisturizer – for example, an easy-to-use serum for the face, eye area, neck and decollete Serum Hyaluronic from pure plant hyaluronic acid, lavender water and allantoin from Callys. It instantly moisturizes, tones and refreshes the skin.

22. Sun protective products

I am not afraid to repeat myself: products to protect the skin from the destructive aggression of the sun's rays should be used all year round, regardless of weather conditions. La Roche-Posay has a large selection of skin creams for sun-intolerant skin prone to pigmentation, for the skin around the eyes, lip balm, gel cream with a toning effect and products for protecting children's skin.

23. Multifunctional makeup palette

If you are going on a long trip, carrying an immense cosmetic bag is a doubtful option. So as giving up makeup for this time. For such cases, you need a convenient multitask palette. In Artistry Studio, there is one. It has soft, silky shadows, blush, highlighter and powder. What else do you need for a comfortable makeup in a travel conditions?

24. Hair growth remedy

There are a few girls who seriously adore short hair. And the question of growing hair is asked by millions. Hair Loss Lotion from Apivita with a complex of sea buckthorn, lupine, vitamin B3, amino acids, wheat protein, extracts of cinnabar, ginseng and horsetail can effectively help you achieve your dream. The miracle remedy will accelerate the growth of existing hair and awaken dormant bulbs.

25. Body cream

The skin is our largest organ, so it is worth taking care of the body skin no less than the face skin. In this regard, do not skimp on creams and lotions for the body. As the owner of very dry skin, I like the moisturizing and healing cream from Is Clinical. It is easily absorbed, does not leave a greasy shine and is suitable even for severely damaged skin with eczema and psoriasis.

26. A good shampoo

Another basic tool that is a lot depends on. I, for example, do not part with Lush shampoos for many years due to the fact that they have never disappointed my expectations. Irish beer, citrus fresh, violet absolute, fresh sea water, decoctions of Jamaican pepper, cocoa butter, thyme and rosemary – this is what is included in the shampoo. The aroma during the bath is incredible, and the hair after these shampoos is fragrant for a long time.

27. Care for skin around eyes

You should begin around eye skin care as early as possible. Ideally, by the age of 30, you should find your product that reliably takes care of the sensitive area. Cream Eye Treatment with Avocado from Kiehl's will be approved by even the most demanding auditors. Thanks to avocado and Shea oils, beta-carotene, copper pyrrolidon carbonate, it fills the skin, prevents moisture loss in it and provides intense and long-lasting hydration.

28. CC cream

CC cream is an improved version of the usual tonal foundation. Its formula simultaneously corrects the skin and cares for it. The American brand Mary Kay has a weightless, fast-absorbing (Hello, lateness!), skin-toning CC cream. Doomed to be love at first sight.

29. Paired fragrances

Scents from the same line for you and your man not only look beautiful on the dressing table, but also perfectly complement each other when applied. Dolce&Gabbana has such ones. Light Blue Italian Zest for men smells of citrus – grapefruit, tangerine, lemon and bergamot, as well as Chinese pepper, rosemary and musk, and this one for women smells of lemon, bergamot, verbena, bamboo, Jasmine, rose, sandalwood and vanilla.

30. Hand cream in travel format

Miniature tubes of cream that is convenient to carry in your bag, without parting in the office and traveling is a very necessary thing. Such babies appeared in the Planet Spa line of the Avon brand. They perfectly moisturize, nourish the skin and heal cracks, plus a delicious smell of argan oil, Shea, lavender and Jasmine, which are in their composition.

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