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Stories about English aristocrats, bold young people’s adventures, and thrilling historical trials and tribulations.

Downton Abbey

The series has won three Golden Globe Awards, three Emmy statuettes, and three Screen Actors Guild awards. It depicts the lives of English aristocrats at the beginning of the twentieth century. The series tells about the travails of the Earl of Grantham's family who live in the Yorkshire country estate of Downton Abbey. The topics covered throughout the series include love, war, honor, and betrayal. Besides, the series is renowned for impressive filming, incredible clothing, and scenery. And this is not surprising, because one series cost about one million pounds. More than nine million viewers watched the first episode of "Downton Abbey".


The idea for the series came to the screenwriter Howard Overman while he was walking around London. ‘I saw guys with vacant eyes. They were cleaning up garbage, and I thought: if they had superpowers, they would work much faster and would have more fun!’, - he recalls. This is where the first episode of the series begins. The action takes place in the correctional center where young people are sent for correctional education. However, they can’t think about cleaning up the territory. It is hard to believe that this tragicomedy series with elements of fiction and foul language was filmed by the British.

Parade’s End

The mini-series “Parade’s end” consists of only five episodes. It is based on the eponymous novel by Ford Madox Ford. The series depicts a love triangle between an English gentleman, his cheating wife, and a young suffragette. The series was highly praised by critics. The authors perfectly recreated the picture of England at the beginning of the twentieth century and the problems of that time. There is no spectacular filming or dramatic music. Therefore, fans of action films are not likely to enjoy this English restraint. However, “Parade’s end” is worth watching at least to admire how Benedict Cumberbatch plays his role.

Peaky Blinders

It’s a series about the criminal world of Birmingham in the 20s of the last century. The series tells how the crowded Shelby family became one of the most violent and high-powered gangster bands of the post-war period. The gang was engaged in robberies and gambling. Blades sewn into blinders were their distinctive marks. The crime drama is based on real events. From the accounts of eyewitnesses, the members of the "peaky blinders" clan were rich and stylish, always guarded the interests of their family, and observed their own code of honor and behavior.


This series tells about John Luther who was an outstanding detective. It shows that a dirty policeman and dirty methods are different things. Luther's success lies in a high crime detection rate and his unconventional methods that help him arrest the most dangerous criminals in London. According to the series creator Neil Cross, he was inspired by the legendary detectives Sherlock Holmes and Columbo. Just like Holmes, Luther has unconventional methods of investigation. The presentation of the plot when the viewer knows the criminal in advance was borrowed from ‘Columbo’.

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