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5 Best Green Foundation Primers

Colored primers can help hide skin redness

A colored foundation primer is an indispensable element of your beauty-image as it helps hide all skin imperfections. It smoothes and depolishes your skin, improves complexion, conceals acne, wrinkles and helps prepare your face for applying decorative cosmetics. Primers come in different shades: white, green, pink, peach, yellow, or purple. Each color fights different imperfections. Green primers are considered the most universally applicable: they hide inflammations, dilated capillaries, and redness on your face. I’d like to present 5 green primers that will produce the desired results.

Studio Perfect Primer, NYX Professional Makeup

This primer is called Studio Perfect Primer which means you can use it in order to get ready for photographing. Thanks to its soft texture, the primer is an ideal product if you want to prepare your skin for applying makeup. It has a depolishing base that hides defects, makes your skin radiant and protects it from external impacts.

Infaillible Primer, L`Oreal Paris

Another top pick is the primer from L'oreal Paris. The gel-based foundation contains natural ingredients. It has a unique innovative formula that helps hide severe redness and improves your skin tone. You should apply a small amount of Infaillible Primer on the pre-moistened skin spreading it from the center to the sides of your face.

Prime+ Studio Redness Correcting + Pore Minimizing With Green Clay, Essence

The light cream texture of this primer will help you make your skin ivory, smooth and hydrated. The product contains green clay that absorbs excess sebum and smells pleasantly of green tea with lemon.

Miracle Prep Primer, Max Factor

With Miracle Prep Primer your makeup will be more long-lasting. The foundation increases the level of water balance, thus preventing your skin from dryness and oiliness. Hyaluronic acid, panthenol, and vitamin E help to smooth the skin and improve its tone.

SOS Primer, Clarins

This mint foundation from Clarins is easily applied and quickly absorbed. Its delicate texture allows your skin to breathe and protects it from adverse environmental impacts. The product contains a High Lumitech complex which instantly corrects all imperfections and refreshes the skin. SOS Primer remains in effect for 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about your makeup throughout the day after applying it in the morning.

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