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Swimming Upstream, 2003

It’s an incredible story about the dreams and family of the famous Australian swimmer Anthony Fingelton. Even this extremely talented man found it difficult to believe in himself. He had to win his battle with the closest people in order to rise to great heights.

The Lovers of Cafe de Flor, 2006

In 1924, the young student Simone de Beauvoir was getting prepared to become a teacher of philosophy. But all her plans were not destined to come true because she met Jean-Paul Sartre who was an aspiring writer. This was the beginning of their long, passionate, and painful relationship.

The Founder, 2016

It’s an interesting and inspiring film that will make you finally start fighting for your dreams. This film is about Ray Kroc’s life. He created the world's most famous chain of fast food restaurants — McDonald's.

Hidden Figures, 2016

The film tells about the talented African-American mathematicians who were making calculations for NASA. These calculations were necessary for the first US space flights in the early 1960s. Women faced racial discrimination, but they were not going to give up. They were trying to prove that gender and skin color were not the reasons for prejudices. It’s a very inspiring movie!

The Zookeeper's Wife, 2017

Jan and Antonina Zhabinsky owned a zoo in Warsaw. It was damaged by bombs at the beginning of the Second world war. The couple decided to use the vacated chambers of their zoo to hide Jews. The daily risks and dangers became even more complicated for Zhabinskies because of their former friend, a high-ranking Nazi official, Lutz Heck, who was in love with Antonina.

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