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The actress has played a lot of intense dramatic roles


It’s a story about the relationship between the College teacher David Kepesh and a young innocent Cuban girl Consuela Castillo. They meet each other in New York. He is a lonely playboy who took sexual revolution slogans at face value and left his wife and children in exchange for sexual carelessness. She is the only daughter of Cuban Catholics. And the seeming contrast between them bolsters a passionate love affair that throws Kepesh from mad irresponsible relationships into the whirlpool of tough love and jealousy.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Probably, everyone has watched this classic movie. But you can re-watch it endlessly. The film tells about the love triangle in keeping with the best Spanish traditions. Antonio can’t choose one girl as he is attracted to both of them. The relationships in this romance triangle become more and more complicated when suddenly Antonio’s ex-wife appears. She stands out for her explosive temper, and it seems she still has some feelings for her ex-husband.


It’s a biopic about the life of the legendary Matador Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez and his beloved actress Lupe Sino who was described as "by one-third, she is Ava Gardner, by one-third – Carmen, and by one-third - a big problem!" And Penelope Cruz managed to personify all the three sides of the Matador’s love-mate.

Born twice

The Italian woman Gemma comes to Sarajevo with her teenage son Pietro at the invitation of her old friend Goiko. Everything here reminds her of the past. She recalls how in 1984, during the Olympic games, she met Goiko and the American photographer Diego who later became her husband. However, their love was put at risk by her infertility, and they couldn’t get permission for adoption. The family was on the verge of divorce. During one of the visits to Sarajevo, they made a new plan: the woman named Asuka had to give birth to Diego’s child and pass the baby on to Gemma. At this time, the Bosnian civil war broke out...


Two men, one woman, and one ten-year-old child go through losses and triumphs, argue about football, fight against death, and love each other till the last. Magda is a talented teacher and a devoted mother who is trying hard to defeat her disease and regain the right to live and be happy.

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