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Skin-damaging habits

Acne, redness, irritation and inflammation are the results of illiterate cleansing of the face on a daily basis. We have collected five main face cleansing mistakes that you can make every day. And long live clean, shining skin!

To use one and the same product

From the morning until the going-to-bed shower time, the skin, in addition to makeup products, accumulates dust, dirt and excess sebum. In this regard, to clean it well, one remove-product is not enough. We will not insist on Korean women cleaning process who devote 15-20 minutes to it every day (although we should!), but to master step-by-step skin cleansing for megalopolis residents is a beauty-task of global importance. To clean your face from makeup at home effectively, use face milk, hydrophilic oil or micellar water to get rid of makeup remains, dirt and excess sebum on the face and then cleansing balm, gel, lotion, foam or mousse. Only after this the face cleaning process at home can be considered complete.

To love scrubs and gommages

Despite the fact that beauty brands produce hundreds of scrubs and gommages varieties, leading dermatologists warn that it is not safe to use them. Have you noticed that during cosmetic procedures, experts never apply products with scrubbing particles? This is because microplastic particles (which are added to most gommages), crushed apricot seeds, coffee beans or brown sugar scratch the skin, create micro-cracks on it and often cause rosacea, inflammation and irritation. There is no need to clean the skin surface from keratinized particles, comedones and aggressive contamination.

To do this, choose face cleaning and washing gadgets. Silicone brushes for facial cleansing Luna 2 and Luna Mini 2 of the Swedish brand Foreo will perfectly cope with the task of a delicate, but deep face cleansing, they are known all over the world and loved by many beauty bloggers and celebrities.

Both brush models are made of medical silicone and are able to completely clean the face from dust, dirt, makeup remains and excess skin sebum in just a minute. Due to the high air pollution in metropolises, such washing brushes have become an absolute must-have in home face care. Foreo face cleaning devices are waterproof, so you can safely use them while taking a shower, in addition, the brushes are very compact and easy to take to the gym or travel.

In addition to the option of high-quality home facial cleansing with the most delicate, soft bristles and ripples that literally knock the dirt out of the pores, the model Luna 2 also has an option of anti-age massage due to the reverse ribbed side. Life hack from the creators: for facial massage, use it with your favorite cream, moisturizing gel or serum, and refrain from massage with oils.

Not to use tonic

Even in the beauty-minimalists’ environment it become a sign of bad tone to consider tonic a useless marketing tool that does not carry any value on the bathroom shelf. Not all, but many products for washing alkalize the skin, and the tonic normalizes its pH — that's why it is called the final stage of cleansing. Immediately after applying the tonic, you can start the usual routine with a calm mind (and calmed skin): apply serum, night cream and oil.

To choose a cleanser randomly

Even if you have a beautiful skin that does not cause much trouble, buying a cleanser according to a friend's, favorite blogger's advice, or randomly, because there is no time to choose is a fatal mistake. For example, cleansers for oily and problematic skin that promote the regulation of the sebaceous glands, if applied to dry and dehydrated skin, can thin the lipid mantle, cause redness, dryness and cracking. That's why it is so important to fill up the bathroom shelf with products that not only have great cleansing effect, but are also suitable for your skin type.

To forget about the neck

It is very convenient to wash your neck in the bathroom with the usual shower gel that you use to clean the skin of the body. However, this ease of care can cause aesthetic problems in a delicate area where the skin is very thin and almost deprived of fat cells: early aging, loss of elasticity and tissues sagging. The neck skin requires the same careful and regular care as the face skin, including daily cleansing from sweat, cream and perfume remnants, and dirt. Remember that soap, shower gel and aggressive cleaning products are prohibited for the cleansing procedure.

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