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5 Spa procedures for Hair Restoration

The list of the most effective beauty procedures for healthy curls

Hair beauty and health can be affected by many factors including air pollution, insolation, coloration, frequent use of a hairdryer. You can restore your hair with the help of Spa procedures that are aimed at improving hair and scalp health. They can help eliminate split ends, make your hair beautiful and accelerate its growth. Don’t forget to consult a trichologist before choosing a procedure.

Hot pack

A hot oil mask is applied to the scalp and along the whole length of your hair. Then a plastic cap is put on your head for about 30 minutes in order to keep the heat. And after cleansing, a protective cream is applied. The hot pack is recommended if you need to heal damaged and brittle hair. The procedure brings your hair back to health and makes it elastic and shining.


Lamination restores hair color and makes it more intense, so it is recommended to carry out this procedure after hair coloring. During the treatment procedure,  specialists use the products with biologically active components. When exposed to the heat, these components fill in the cracks in the hair structure and make your curls thicker.

Hair botox

This procedure is similar to a hot wrap. After washing your hair, botox is distributed along its full length. Then specialists put a plastic cap on your head and expose it to warm air. At the end of the procedure, the product is washed off with a shampoo. Botox revitalizes your curls with the help of the active agents that penetrate deep into each hair.

Head massage

It helps improve blood circulation and boosts the activity of scalp adipose cells. Besides, a relaxing massage has a great therapeutic effect and helps relieve stress.

Shampoos, masks, and hair balms

If you choose the right nourishing shampoo, it will efficiently moisturize your scalp and restore the hair structure. Masks contain vitamins, minerals, and many other useful components. They repair split ends, accelerate hair growth and make it glossy.  Hair balms are usually applied at the end of Spa procedures. They protect your hair from environmental impacts.

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