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I have asked an anti-aging specialist and dermatocosmetologist about how to determine the types of skin aging and what methods can be used to fight them.

Why do some girls in their 20s look 35 while others in their 40s look 25?

Today, the definition of ‘age’ is pretty wide. Most of us look 10-12 years younger than people used to look at the same age in the 1970s and 1980s. This is due to the evolution of minimally invasive skin care products and plastic surgery. It should be noted that nowadays males also look much younger as they often do different cosmetic procedures.

Besides, men began to use not only cosmetics but also injection methods. The advances in technologies help modern people look younger and more beautiful than before.

When answering the question "why do some girls look 20 at 35 and others look 40 at 25", it is important to note that several factors play a role in this process.

What factors does aging depend on? Does the number of years influence skin aging?

The causes of skin aging can be divided into external and internal factors. At the same time, external factors constitute 80% of the influence on the aging process, while internal factors - only 20%.

External factors include:

  • Environment.

  • Intense exposure to sunlight, which makes the skin age faster than it is genetically determined. This is exemplified by the most closed part of the body - buttocks. Since the skin in this area is constantly protected from the influence of external factors, it remains young for a longer time.

  • Lifestyle (sleep hygiene and nutrition).

In fact, many people do not pay attention to their sleep hygiene. But constant lack of sleep accelerates the aging process to a great extent. Sleep hygiene includes not only the correct sleeping schedule but also sleep quality.

Everyone has an individual sleeping schedule, and it can be determined with the help of a simple test in five days.

To do this, go to bed before 11 p.m. and wake up without your alarm clock. By the fifth day, you will understand how many hours of sleep your body needs. Thus you’ll be able to set your own schedule.

If we are talking about the quality of sleep, it is advisable to give up sleeping with the lights on. When you sleep with the lights on, your body does not produce the important hormone melatonin that regulates your sleep patterns and vigilance.

Nutrition also has a great influence on the aging process. I often tell my patients: "Tell me what you eat, and I'll tell you what you'll look like in 10 years."

For example, reasonable consumption of protein slows down skin aging. The main thing is not to overindulge in protein foods as they can accelerate the aging process.

Today, even modern nutritionists tend to create not general nutrition philosophies but individual ones depending on the characteristics of each person's body and his or her type of skin aging.

The internal factors include genetically inherited types of skin aging.

What types of skin aging are there? And what are their signs?

There is an approved classification of skin aging types. It distinguishes four different types. There are also several combined types.

Rugulose type of aging

The main characteristic of this type of skin aging is the appearance of many small wrinkles. This happens partly due to the lack of subcutaneous fat and a tendency to dryness. The signs of this type of aging appear at a very early age, compared to other types. But they can be easily eliminated.

"Tired" type of aging

When people with this type of skin aging wake up in the morning, they are usually dissatisfied with the tired look of their faces. As a rule, such patients say that only in the evening they get the desired beautiful look. This type manifests itself as the aging of the connective tissue, so the face always has a pronounced sad look. I can say that this type of aging is the most complicated one because it begins at a relatively early age.

Usually, patients start doing anti-aging procedures when they are about 30 years old.

This type of skin aging is typical for thin women with oval or diamond-shaped faces.

Deformational type of aging

It has two subtypes.

1. Edematous type

Hampered lymph efflux can cause water retention and as a result, the tissues become heavy. Subsequently, sagging skin and deformed face line appear. This type is also characterized by pronounced flabbiness, especially in the lower third of the face.

2. Deformational type of aging caused by fat deposits

It is typical for heavily-built women prone to obesity. The excessive subcutaneous fat layer on the face leads to deformed face contours with a double chin, jowls, neck folds, baggy eyes, and overhanging upper eyelids.

Muscular type of aging

Interestingly, this type is typical mostly for Asian people (Japan, Mongolia, Central Asia), as well as for those whose facial muscles are well-developed, but subcutaneous fat is low.

This type is characterized by the developed muscular system and low subcutaneous fat.

I’d like to note that in comparison with other types, the muscular type of skin aging is the most advantageous one and manifests itself later. Patients with this type of aging visit beauty specialists by the age of 40 and tell the same stories about how their grandmothers and mothers looked great and started using anti-aging products quite late.

What problems do women with this or that type of aging face?

Rugulose type of aging

The main problem that people with this type of aging face is a large number of small wrinkles that become deeper over time. At first, there are grids of small longitudinal and transverse wrinkles on the forehead. These fine lines become more pronounced over time.

Besides, people with this type of skin aging have dry skin, wrinkles in the corners of the eyes and around the mouth, as well as rosacea and age spots.

Moreover, women with the rugulose type of aging rarely suffer from cellulite, most often it is caused by hormonal factors.

"Tired" type of aging

People with this type of aging suffer from poor skin elasticity and decreased soft tissue tone. As a result, they have lowered mouth corners, labiodental wrinkles, deep lacrimal grooves, and nasolabial folds.

They also have to deal with premature skin flabbiness.

Deformational type of aging

People with this type of skin aging suffer from loss of skin radiance. As a rule, they have no wrinkles. But there are folds and problems with blood vessels.

The biggest and always genetically inherent problem of this type of aging is a complicated edematous form of cellulite, which requires a lot of effort to fight.

Muscular type of aging

This is the best type of aging that doesn’t cause a lot of problems. Aging manifests itself mainly in the form of pigmentation, folds of the upper and lower eyelids, pronounced nasolabial folds, lowered mouth corners.

But at the same time, cheek skin stays smooth, and the contours of the oval face remain clear until old age.

What beauty procedures, skin care and lifestyle rules, massages, invasive methods, or surgeries can delay aging for each of the types?

All types of skin aging have their pros and cons. Only one procedure for any type of aging won’t provide any effects. So it is necessary to choose individual combinations of procedures. They should be prescribed by an experienced specialist based on the patient's complaints and medical history.

Rugulose type of aging

Biorevitalization is the best procedure for dry skin that is characteristic of this type. A light peeling will efficiently prevent the first signs of aging.

"Tired" type of aging

To maintain the quality and tone of your ligaments, it is best to use peels and filler injections. You can also achieve great results by combining the above-mentioned procedures with laser resurfacing.

Deformational type of aging

All procedures and techniques that improve lymph efflux and reduce edema will work perfectly well for this type of skin aging. Mesotherapy is an ideal injection method that stimulates the exchange of intercellular and intracellular fluids. It can be combined with instrumental techniques to improve the effect.

For example, LPG facial massage is good for the edematous type of skin aging. It is also advisable to pay attention to lymphatic drainage massage and microcurrent.

Muscular type of aging

The key procedure for this type of aging is botulinotherapy. This injection therapy relaxes the muscles, thus smoothing out wrinkles.

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