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How to keep your skin young?

The daily skin care ritual consists of habits that we find useful — for example, applying SPF every morning. In reality, they may be insufficient and even cause unconscious damage. We found out which habits you need to say goodbye to and which ones you should correct in order to have perfect skin by the age of 30 or more.


It's an axiom that sleep is no less important for your skin than food and beauty care. At night, the cells get a chance to recover and renew, but only if the skin is clean and breathing. The unwashed before going to bed makeup not only clog the pores, but, if you have sensitive or easily irritated skin, it will worsen the situation with acne, redness and other undesirable things. By the way, most girls fall asleep with makeup not because they are too lazy to remove it, but because they can't remove it completely (for example, in the case of ultra-resistant textures).


Such a phenomenon as photo-aging is known to everyone, but up to 30 years old girls neglect sufficient protection from ultraviolet light. In fact, in the modern ecology conditions, skin SPF protection should be activated after 25 years with the first signs of facial wrinkles. Before you start working with water lack in the body, you should think about sunscreens prevention. An important thing: the effect of this cream lasts two hours. Applying cream in the morning, when going to lunch, your skin is already effected by the harmful sunlight, because the cream protective forces have already disappeared, but the UV rays are still very active. This is why it is important to re-use the SPF product during the day and do it not only in summer, but also in spring and autumn. If you don't want to spoil your makeup, choose a formula in the form of powder or fluid with a sunscreen effect.


Due to the skin aging, dead cells accumulate faster on its surface. In order the skin moisturizers to be effective, it is important to clean the skin from the keratinized layer thoroughly. For best results, cosmetologists recommend a two-step approach to exfoliation: a deep peeling followed by an exfoliating tonic that gently dissolves dead cells left with salicylic acid and soothes the skin. Dermatologists continue to argue about how often you need to repeat the peeling — on average, the procedure is recommended to be performed weekly.


There is a simple truth: neglecting sleep, you sacrifice not only the next day energy, but also your immunity. One of the early skin aging reasons is lack of rest and exhaustion. Just think about how much the skin experiences during the day: UV radiation, wind, hypothermia, exhaust gases in the atmosphere, lack of moisture and oxygen under a make-up products layer, and in the end, our big and small stresses — all this does not pass without a trace, as it was in 20 years. Smooth, well-groomed skin adorns better than any cosmetics, do not deprive yourself of this advantage. Do you remember Chanel's words? "At 20, you have the face that nature gave you, and at 30, the face that life has sculpted for you".


Makeup brushes cleaning does not require as much effort as it might seem. But the skin will thank you for it. Every time we touch the face with the brush, it raises bacteria from the skin surface, they remain inside the brush's bristles and next time again fall on the face with a powder or thick foundation layer. By cleaning the brushes at least once a week, you can avoid a lot of harmful skin displays, which are the serious problems by the age of 30.


High-glycaemic products threaten not only extra pounds, but also skin problems. The most important skin youth components, collagen and elastin, are most afraid of sweet, in any form — even fructose. Regular consumption of foods such as white bread and chocolate sets the skin up for acne, wrinkles and age-related pigmentation. While foods with a low glycemic index like fruits and beans, on the contrary, do not provoke anything like this. Of course, it is not necessary to exclude chocolate for the sake of the skin completely. But if it is in your every day the diet and you are struggling with acne, try to limit it to once a week.

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