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Foods that you need to urgently exclude from your diet

Today, I’m going to talk about some eating habits that you need to give up if you want to avoid premature skin aging. The famous nutritionist Natalia Samoylenko is sure that free radicals, overeating, dehydration, and certain product groups can significantly accelerate the aging process.

The nutritionist recommends excluding the following products from your diet:

  • Shelf-stable confectionery products

  • Industrially processed meat products

  • Sunflower oil

  • Shelf-stable fried foods, especially fast food

  • Fatty sauces

  • Alcohol

If you can't completely give up these products, try to replace them with healthy alternatives. For example, sunflower oil can be replaced with olive oil, store-bought sweets - with 70% cacao dark chocolate or fruits and berries. Dry wine is more acceptable than other types of alcohol.

Try to develop proper eating habits and create a healthy diet plan.

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