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Care rules for the face, neck and under eye skin

Sometimes the most flawless skin becomes less elastic, dull, and the face contours become less clear. Do not blame the winter season with its temperature changes, frosty wind, lack of warm sun and dry indoor air — the lack of elasticity can also be affected by age and hormonal changes, lack of water in the cells, low metabolic rate, excess sugar and fast food in the diet, as well as inactive lifestyle. Paris brand Payot has found several ways to make the skin soft, elastic, brightened. Payot experts ' long-term experience in creating effective cosmetics has made it possible to maximize the benefits of the phytotherapy heritage by using the patented rose extract in the polysensory textures of the new Roselift Collagène line of products. The formula contains Rosactive component which stimulates fibroblasts, peptides improving collagen synthesis, peony, silk tree extracts and hyaluronic acid.

All products with collagen and rose extract have refreshing, luxurious textures and are designed for daily care aimed at enhancing skin elasticity and radiance. The delicate powdery fragrance of the product line, in which notes of rose, fruit and wood peacefully coexist, can send you for a walk in the spring garden with barely opened flowers — you will agree, it is a great opportunity in our cold winter days.

Roselift Collagène Jour

Payot day lifting cream is enriched with oat, patented damask rose extracts and a special peptide, which together have a noticeable lifting effect. After applying the product in a soft pink jar, the skin regains its delicate radiance, tone and vitality.

Roselift Collagène Nuit

Roselift Collagène Nuit night cream with peony extract strengthens the face oval and restores the skin volume all the time you are sleeping. It is characterized by a dense, nutritious, rich oil-in-cream texture and an lipofilling procedure effect.

Roselift Collagène Regard

Light Roselift Collagène Regard cream for the delicate area around the eyes, enriched with silk tree extract, gently tightens the skin of the eyelids and refreshes the look, reducing dark circles, puffiness and puffiness. It has the lightest, melting texture with the radiance effect, which is achieved due to the pearl particles in the composition.

Roselift Collagène Concentré

The serum that stimulates skin elasticity contains doubled concentration of collagen-stimulating peptide compared to the day cream. Its intense sealing effect complements the action of day and night creams. Its weightless, fast-absorbing texture and floral-pink fragrance with fruity notes deserve special praise.

Roselift Collagène Patch Regard

Roselift Collagène Patch Regard is a real express tool with a lifting effect, indispensable for a clear look and awakening. Hydrogel patches instantly smooth and tighten the eyelids skin, refreshing and eliminating puffiness. Important: the patches do not contain perfumes, do not slip and are extremely convenient to use.

Face Moving

Regenerating zinc facial massager Roselift Roll On Visage Face Moving is an independent product that complements skin care and is combined with all the beauty products of the Payot brand collections. It helps restore tissue, increase skin elasticity, and eliminate puffiness by gentle but intensive stimulation of key points on the neck, decolletes, and face. After the massage, the skin looks much smoother, radiant and elastic. The massager smoothes the face skin in the morning, and relaxes the muscles in the evening. Usage lifehacks: the massager can be used independently and with face care products. If you do massage on top of a serum or cream, useful components penetrate to the skin better and increase the products effectiveness.

Massage balls are made of zinc alloy.

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