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New styles to replace skinny jeans

In 2020, fashion insiders suggest replacing skinny jeans with more comfortable styles. Genuine denim has come back into fashion thanks to Vetements and Marques' Almeida. Their collections have reminded us of the times when loose and comfortable jeans were the basic clothes.

This year, customers are focused on comfort and conscious consumerism. The main drawback of skinny jeans is that they are unsustainable. They are made from elastane that can’t be recycled.

"Previously, customers used to choose a certain style and stick to it. But now they have jeans of various shapes, styles, with cutaways or wrought. They choose different models of jeans according to what they want to wear on this or that day," says the Topshop Sourcing Director Emma Fox.

Today, I’ll tell you about seven types of jeans that you should know about in 2020.

Flared jeans

The key clothes of the 70s have come back into fashion. Victoria Beckham suggested wearing flared jeans at her brand’s show during the fashion week of the SS19 season. I completely agree with her because this type of jeans looks great even with a simple white T-shirt.

Reconstructed denim

It’s not necessary to produce new fabric to create such jeans. A famous Ukrainian designer Ksenia Schneider uses this technique. The brand is renowned for the original styles of jeans that are worn by Bella Hadid and Celine Dion. Stylists recommend combining them with T-shirts or hoodies.


While many eco-activists refuse to buy new clothes, different brands are trying to introduce the ideas of conscious consumerism into their collections. For example, the American denim company J Brand aims to become an environmentally-friendly brand by the end of the year. For that to happen, they are going to start recycling and adopt a laser wash technology that’ll help use 99% less water.

Baggy style

Skinny jeans are more and more often replaced with baggy jeans. This style is produced with the help of the selvedge technique. The prominent feature of this technique is the raw edge on the inside of the jeans. Baggy style should be combined with high-heeled boots and short jackets.

Low waist

After the wave of trends from the 90s and noughties, the comeback of low-waist jeans was a matter of time. A couple of Bella Hadid’s nights out – and they have come back into fashion. Let’s gain inspiration from the model’s street style looks.

Straight jeans

Straight jeans are another trend in 2020. Topshop has introduced this style and named it Editor jeans. If you want to look like a glossy magazine editor, combine these jeans with a maxi-bag and a blouse.

White denim

Basic white doesn't look so trivial if it's the color of your jeans. Street style stars wear them not only during the warm season but also in winter. They often combine white jeans with voluminous tops.

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