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Medik8 is a British science-based professional brand that is adored by many famous dermatologists. Before creating a new product, the brand experts always conduct a lot of studies that help develop strong formulas.

The key components of all Medik8 products include vitamin A (as well as its encapsulated active ingredient r-Retinoate, a new form of vitamin A that is 8 times more powerful than retinol), vitamin C, hydroxy acids, and sunscreen components. The brand creates formulas for dry and very dry, damaged, oily skin and helps fight the first wrinkles, overactive sebaceous glands, redness, rashes. They produce an impressive variety of face serums: antioxidant, nighttime, moisturizing, soothing, and anti-redness ones. I especially like the powerful Hydr8 B5 moisturizing serum that stands out for its prolonged effect. The product perfectly moisturizes the deepest layers of your skin thanks to pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), hyaluronic acid, and light watery texture. This serum is odorless, fragrance-free, and oil-free so natural skin care fans will be delighted.

Every girl can find the cream that suits her best among the variety of the brand’s products. I like three eye creams of this brand. The first is the Rejuvenating Eye Serum with a soft and very convenient silicone applicator that is designed specially for the delicate area around the eyes. The product suits all skin types and instantly eliminates the marks of fatigue, smoothes out wrinkles, and reduces puffiness.

I also like the ultra-moisturizing Bio-Cellulose Eye Patches that deliver hyaluronic acid to the skin in the shortest possible time, help get rid of tired eyes, stress, and don’t cause puffiness. This product is indispensable both at work and on a plane.

And I can’t but mention my favorite Dissolvable Micro-Channel Eye Patches that need to be applied before bed. Don’t be afraid of the "microneedles". In fact, they are not sharp and consist of pure hyaluronic acid. The only thing that resembles needles is the peculiar shape of the product on the patches, which helps hyaluronic acid create micro-channels in the skin for deeper and more effective delivery of active ingredients.

Institut Esthederm

This 40-year-old brand was founded by the Frenchmen Jean-Francois Letourneur and Jean-Noel Torel. It has taken its rightful place among the leading clinics of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. The research center of Institut Esthederm believes that our skin is a living organism that functions as a single ecosystem. The brand's experts pay special attention to the products that can fight the first signs of aging and protect the skin from all types of sun rays. By the way, the Institut Esthederm’s experts were the first who began talking about the danger of blue light that today is one of the main concerns of all dermatologists around the world. One of the company's most popular products is City Protect Incellium Spray that serves as a powerful shield for millennials’ skin and reliably protects it from the radiation emitted by gadgets and laptops and UV rays. The spray strengthens the natural protective systems of the skin, fights aggressive environmental factors, and prevents photo-aging.

Another popular product is the cellular water Eau Cellulaire that is similar to our intercellular fluid. Due to this, it freely fills the epidermis with microelements and antioxidants, thus regulating skin metabolic processes.

Perricone MD

The fans of Perricone MD include such celebrities as Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Eva Mendes, and Kim Cattrall. The brand's creator is Nicholas Perricon. He is a doctor-dermatologist and healthy aging expert who promotes a three-level philosophy of skin beauty. The scientist says that if you want to minimize inflammation at the cellular level and have a perfect skin, you need to keep a special diet similar to the Mediterranean one (protein - fish and poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and olive oil), dietary supplements, and clinical-level care with antioxidants. One of the brand’s bestsellers that is adored by insiders around the world is its serum concentrate Cold Plasma Plus. This omni-purpose product in the form of a translucent bluish gel can fight many skin disorders including wrinkles, enlarged pores, dull complexion, pigmentation, sagging, and loss of elasticity. The results can amaze even the pampered beauty gourmets. In the shortest possible time, the product reduces wrinkles and age spots, makes your skin radiant, elastic, smooth, and improves complexion. Now the legendary products of this professional brand can be purchased in Ukraine.

Is Clinical

The American brand Is Clinical is loved by many Hollywood celebrities. Not so long ago, it also appeared in Ukraine. The feature of all products of this brand is multi-functionality, that is, the ability to solve from 3 to 5 beauty tasks. For example, they can fight skin aging, hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, and scarring. The products work well thanks to special formulas developed for each problem. Besides, the brand's experts have added treatment to the usual three-step skin care system. I like their strengthening spray Copper Firming Mist. It’s a light, refreshing cocktail of copper and L-PCA acid. It is perfect for those who have dry and dehydrated skin and serves as a remedy for sunburns. Thanks to its convenient travel packaging, it can become an indispensable travel companion.

Image Skincare

This American brand entrusted the development of formulas to biotechnologists, pharmacologists, and dermatologists. Its products are created on the basis of long-term clinical research. Fans of natural care products will appreciate the fact that Image Skincare was one of the first companies that stopped adding parabens to their products. Besides, the company's experts took the risk to combine about 100 layers of active ingredients into a single molecular formula. When applying products to the skin, the encapsulated ingredients are slowly released from the sphere layer-by-layer and penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. Today, the company's products are sold in 50 countries around the world and enjoy a high rate of popularity among thousands of enthusiastic fans.


The products of the Callys brand are created in the Swiss laboratory of Biodermine. They have long moved from pharmacies and beauty salons to the shelves of all self-respecting beauty insiders. The brand is renowned for its serums. In fact, there are only four of them: three for the face and one for the scalp. Due to the natural plant-based composition, all of them are suitable even for vegans and those who have very sensitive skin. The key ingredients are pure hyaluronic acid, grape stem cells, and polysaccharides. The laconic design and mint, pale pink, bright yellow and juicy green bottles make serums worthful decorations of any cosmetic collection.


This French brand has a puzzle approach to the composition of its products. For example, the matrix of 19 components serves as a basis for creating individual Universkin formulas. And various combinations of these ingredients provide 1159 formula variations. Each of them can fight particular skin problems such as rosacea, hyperpigmentation, acne, age-related changes, etc. Thus, dermatologists can employ an individual approach to solving skin problems. After being diagnosed with a particular skin disorder, a patient gets a personal skin care product that is created in his presence in less than 1 minute.

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