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7 phrases that can ruin your relationship.

It is widely thought that men love with their eyes, and women fall in love with their ears. However, males are also sensitive about both compliments and carelessly spoken phrases. Let’s find out what things you should never tell the man you love.


Even in the twenty-first century, when women seem to have regained all possible rights and opportunities from the stronger sex, men still want to be defenders, breadwinners, and mammoth hunters. And even if you hunt mammoths much better than your lover and have recently passed Ph.D. defense on this topic — do not rush to show your superiority and give unsolicited advice to your partner. In this way, you are unlikely to teach him to be a hunter. But you will definitely discourage him from any achievements.


In your opinion, they might be infantile lazybones, but for your beloved, they are faithful comrades who know him almost from his bottle, have gone through an awful lot together, often rescued him from terrible troubles and are always ready to back him, go on a recon mission together, and lend him money till payday. Declaring war on them is not only absurd. Unfortunately, by doing this you set yourself up for a failure — even if your partner stops communicating with his friends, he will never be able to forgive you for that.

"I'M SO FAT..."

Let's be honest: this phrase means "urgently tell me how beautiful I am». So why not directly ask your beloved to pay a compliment to you? Remember that men don't like (and usually don't understand) hints and take everything they hear literally. So if you ask "Have I put on weight?", be prepared to get a discouragingly honest answer and don't take offense if you don't like it.


There are few things that can ruin your relationship as much as your obsessive desire to be always right. If your partner turns down a good job offer, gets involved in a screwjob, or decides to make risky financial investments against your advice and eventually fails — resist the temptation to give him a tongue-lashing. Believe me, a man is able to admit his mistakes and learn from them, even if his self-esteem often prevents him from talking out loud about them. You should not turn the slightest mistake into a reason for blamestorming and moralizing.


Just like friends, mom is sacred for every man. She will always be one of the most important and influential women for your partner. And even if he grumbles at his mom and regularly argues with her, do not rush to actively support his outbursts of indignation. Avoid speaking disrespectfully about your mother-in-law’s character, the way she keeps the house or, God forbid, brings up children (because you are in a close relationship with the object of this very upbringing). Remember that your wisdom and strategic skills largely determine whether your partner’s mother will become your defender or number one enemy. So it’s in your best interest to preserve her authority.


If you constantly compare your height, weight, career achievements, income, or apartment size with other people's accomplishments, you set yourself up for a failure. First, because envy prevents you from noticing your own moments of joy. And secondly, when you are envious of other people's achievements, you often don’t have a clue about the work, risks, pain, and experience obscured by prosperity and wealth. In short, envy is a useless and destructive thing. Just as someone else's grass always seems greener, someone else's relationships tend to look more harmonic and tender, and someone else's partner seems to be more caring, attentive, and generous. However, such comparisons will only disappoint you. If you point out what kind of car your neighbor has bought and what position your friend’s husband has got, you are unlikely to inspire your beloved. Rather the opposite – you’ll prevent him from any attempts to surprise or please you. He’ll consider these attempts senseless because you can always find faults with his actions.


You should make such a statement only in exceptional cases. The same is true with slamming the door, breaking dishes, and other manipulation techniques along with hysteria and drama. You should remember that all these methods can play a dirty trick on you. When your partner hears "You don't love me!» for the first time, he will rush to passionately assure you of the opposite; when he hears it for the second time, he’ll icily ignore you, and after the third time he’ll think that maybe you are right...

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