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Patche is one of our favorite care products. Koreans have made these face skin applications really fashionable. Now everyone who wants to look more rested and fresh knows about them. The main functions of patches are nutrition, hydration, and smoothing of fine lines. They make the under eye skin more elastic, eliminate puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. In our survey there are the best options that will accurately cope with all these tasks.

Super Aqua-Eye, Guerlain

The Guerlain brand calls to defy time by using their patches. Among the Super Aqua-Eye functions are moisturizing, restoring and eliminating puffiness and wrinkles. For maximum effect, cleanse the skin then apply them to the under eye area for ten minutes once or twice a week.

Advanced Genifique Light-Pearl Eye Mask, Lancome

Patches from Lancome make the eye look rested and expressive. The serum with a soft and fresh texture melts on the skin and makes it smoother without greasiness and stickiness. It ensures eye skin brightness!

Roselift Collagene, Payot

Roselift's hydrogel patches Duo instantly tightens the skin and eliminates signs of fatigue. The formulas of these products are based on a unique combination of a collagen-stimulating peptide and a patented active component derived from damask rose. Sounds very interesting, doesn't it?

Total Eye, Colorescience

Colorescience brand offers a whole system for skin care around the eyes. Total Eye patches are designed to eliminate dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. A nice bonus is that the product has a long-term effect to completely restore your skin.

Shooting Star Crystal Eye Gel Patch, Gaston

These patches not only work effectively, but are also perfect for Instagram selfies. Among the main components of the product there era hyacinth extract, a complex of vitamins E, C, B3, B5, B6, hyaluronic acid and galactomisis. Shooting Star from the Korean brand Gaston has a moisturizing and lightening effect, reduces puffiness and circles under the eyes. Beautifully shimmering sequins easily turn patches into spectacular accessories for new year's eve, especially when it comes to a house party.

"Antipanda", Avon

Under eye hydrogel patches with the funny name "Antipanda" are created for effective delicate under eye skin care and to eliminate signs of fatigue. In just a few minutes, they remove dark circles, puffiness and gray skin tone. The cosmetic product formula was developed with the Avon brand Korean partners participation. It contains hyaluronic acid with the smallest grains of gold which are active ingredients that provide an excellent effect.

Powercell Eye Urgency, Helena Rubinstein

Due to the high concentration of active substances, such as sea kritmum and fever weed extracts, the patches instantly remove traces of fatigue, nourish and moisturize the skin, promote the regeneration of the epidermis, smooth out fine lines and lighten dark circles. Caffeine and escin have a draining effect, they activate blood microcirculation and relieving puffiness.

Lift&Repair, Institut Esthederm

The name of the Lift&Repair patches speaks for itself. This product provides a lifting effect, smoothes and even corrects the face oval. Among the active ingredients there are cell water, glycerine, caffeine, escin, creatine, extracts of cassava, European beech, mulberry leaves, algae, Apple fruit and many other ingredients that are useful for the skin.

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