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And 2 trends you should forget about

The Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, and Bloomingdale's experts shared their ideas about the main trends for 2020 and what should be left in the noughties.

Colored leather

At the spring-summer 2020 fashion shows, there were a lot of leather clothes in different colors: from the pastel-blue oversized trench coat Bottega Veneta to the green Rochas shorts.

"This year, you should wear pastel leather clothes in spring. And in autumn, it’s better to choose more vibrant colors of leather. You can buy any leather clothes including dresses, jumpsuits, and trousers, " says Erica Russo who is a director of beauty and accessories at Bloomingdale's.

Insiders believe that both artificial and real leather clothes will be in fashion.

Bouffant sleeves

"You can wear T-shirts and gala dresses with bouffant sleeves. This style is perfect for all body types. Bouffant sleeves make your waist look slimmer, " Russo comments on the trend.

Knitwear from the 90s

The minimalism of the 90s is still relevant today. Insiders recommend getting inspired by the style icon of that time - Rachel Green in "Friends". You can follow her knitwear style.

"The trends of the 90s prevailed the spring-summer 2020 shows. The cardigans and sweaters in the Khaite and the Row collections prove that this trend is not going away, " says Libby Paige, the Net-A-Porter senior fashion editor.

Square-toe shoes

According to experts, square-toe shoes will be a real hit this year. During the cold season, you can buy boots and wellies with angled tips, and in the warm season — square-toe sandals or mule shoes.

Modern romanticism

Romantic clothes will become an integral part of fashionistas’ wardrobe in 2020.

"Modest beauty will come into fashion. You should take a note of long dresses with sleeves, Victorian blouses, floral prints, laces, and delicate chiffons," predicts the Nordstrom senior fashion Director Shannon Schafer.


A clutch will become an indispensable accessory this year. Insiders suggest wearing it in the daytime.

"We often used to combine clutches with formal outfits, but now these accessories are made from different fabrics and come in different colors that are suitable for everyday looks. Clutch is a must-have this year, " says Anna Russo.

Shorts of any length

According to experts, in 2020, we should replace skirts with shorts.

"In spring, shorts suits will be in fashion, and in autumn, Bermuda shorts and culottes will be good alternatives to skirts," Russo comments on the trend.

In the cold season, it’s advisable to combine long shorts with thigh-length boots.

Feminine-cut formal suits

Good news for all suit lovers: this trend will be still in fashion in 2020, but now their suit cut styles will become more feminine.

"Formal suits are on trend, but they are slim-waisted and look more feminine. They are made from soft fabrics," says Shannon Schafer.

Modern folk clothes

According to Schafer's forecasts, in 2020, the reinvented Bohemian style will come into fashion: clothing with handmade elements will be on trend. If you want to look like a modern hippie, in winter, choose patchwork outerwear coats and chunky knit sweaters, and in summer, give preference to light dresses and embroidered blouses.

Anti-trends of 2020


Russo and Paige predict that in 2020, the world of fashion will switch over to more minimalistic cut styles and primary colors.

"We are coming back to minimalism, so there will be much fewer logos on clothes and accessories," comments Anna Russo.

Narrow glasses

According to Paige, we should say goodbye to 90s sunglasses and replace them with oversized eyewear.

"Glasses, as well as clothes, are becoming more practical. Besides, these sunglasses will really protect you from the sun, " she says.
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