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All You Need to Know About Liquid Tights

Liquid tights are a great alternative to nylon stockings: they don’t have any runs and your legs always look perfectly smooth. They are a real godsend for those who have to comply with the dress code during the hot season.


Liquid tights may come in the form of sprays, mousses, or gels in tubes. When applied to your legs, a thin film similar to nylon tights is formed. This film is breathable and does not irritate the skin. But its main advantage is that it’s impossible to make runs on it.

Manufacturers promise that liquid tights will hide all bruises, scars, and prominent veins. As a rule, liquid tights contain light-reflecting particles (pearl crumbs) that create the effect of real tights on your body and make your skin shiny. They also contain a bronzer that instantly changes your skin color to the desired shade.

In addition to the aesthetic effect, liquid tights also have a cosmetic one. They might contain vitamins that are useful for your skin. Other possible ingredients include Palmaria and green tea extracts that improve blood circulation and reduce age-related allergic reactions.

How they work

The film formed on the surface of your legs efficiently hides scars, vascular spiders, and other skin defects. Liquid tights contain special substances that are called bronzers. They provide the film with the pigmentation of different intensity.

Three basic shades

  • Dark - your skin looks tanned;

  • Medium - the color of average intensity;

  • Nude - the lightest shade that suits people with pale skin.

Advantages of liquid tights

  • They create the effect of nylon tights

  • You can apply them easily and quickly

  • Liquid tights are water-resistant and have no runs

  • You can easily wash them off with soap and water

  • They don’t leave any traces on your clothes

  • Liquid tights effectively conceal skin defects and make your legs smooth and beautiful

  • They don’t cause irritation; some of them even have beneficial properties

  • Unlike with self-tanning, the effect is immediately noticeable

How to use

Sprays should be diffused directly on your legs. Then you can distribute the excess amount of liquid tights with your hands. Creams should be applied on the surface of your body with the help of your hands. It’s better to make smooth movements from your feet upwards (as if you are putting on real tights).

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