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To look rested and full of energy during Zoom briefing

Why trying to get rid of puffiness under the eyes with cucumbers, moisturize the skin with olive oil and be sad about cosmetologist visits, if you can at least arrange SPA rituals at home every day and look a million dollars? Comprehensive care from the Ansaligy brand will easily and effectively replace your favorite salon procedures, preparing you for online conferences, long-awaited walks and parties (we believe that they will soon return to our lives again!).

I have compiled a five products beauty guide that will help your skin to shine, stay well-groomed at home. All on beauty-shopping!

Face mask-patches with amber granules and serum

No matter how much we try to keep our emotions under control, we can't avoid stressful situations. They lead to premature skin aging, impairing its appearance. To avoid this, you need to feed the tissues regularly. Ansaligy facial patch mask contains amber granules that tone the face, and fragmented hyaluronic acid that moisturizes the dermis from the inside. And thanks to the vitamins, oligopeptides and polysaccharides in the product, it accelerates cellular metabolism, increases skin elasticity and increases collagen synthesis. The amazing result without exaggeration is noticeable after the first application! No less visible effect appears when using lifting patches with bamboo charcoal and red algae extract. They, by the way, were designed for the men's skin needs, but they also work well on women's skin.

"Rowan lip" moisturizing patches

Most often, it is the lips that remain without our attention and proper care. Meanwhile, temperature changes, strong wind and insufficient moisture in this area leads to the formation of fine wrinkles. To prevent this, regularly use moisturizing patches "Rowan lips". They contain not only red Rowan fruit, but also white mustard sprouts, high - and low-molecular hyaluronic acids, as well as a biomolecule extracted from the leaves of Indian gentian, which stimulates tissue regeneration and evens out fine wrinkles. All this complex of useful substances nourishes the lips and returns them to their natural volume, which is difficult not to notice even on a selfie.

Eye lifting patches with amber granules and serum

To avoid drastic procedures to moisturize the eye area, use Ansaligy lifting patches with amber granules and d-panthenol-based serum several times a week. They effectively restore the water-lipid balance in this area, and extracts of calendula and Centella asiatica even out the relief and face tone. Also hyaluronic acid and caffeine, which tone the skin and restore its freshness are included. Especially after a sleepless night or a busy day. With regular use of patches for 20-30 minutes, you will look rested without a drop of Foundation or retouching.

Grape peeling cream

Exfoliate dead skin scales, narrow the pores, even out the skin tone and relief, and reduce traces of acne, all these you can do without salon procedures. Ansaligy experts assure that if you regularly use grape cream peeling once a week for three months, your face will become lighter, wrinkles and age spots will be less noticeable. In addition, the procyanidins of grape seeds in the product are a powerful antioxidant that prevents the appearance of age-related changes. To get such a result, apply the product to cleansed skin and leave for 5-10 minutes, then wash with water and apply a little of relaxing gel mousse of the brand.

Relaxing gel-mousse

Weightless gel mousse from Ansaligy brand has super strength, which makes it an indispensable companion of beauty procedures. It's all about the extract of brown seaweed Sargassum muticum, which is a well-known actioxidant, enriched with minerals and polysaccharides. This component is able to successfully restore the skin's water balance even after chemical and harsh abrasive peels. The product instantly tightens the skin, evens its microrelief in just ten minutes, tones it, provides a beautiful glow and natural shining. In addition, the mousse will make the effect of Ansaligy light grape peeling cream even more noticeable.

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