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Simple and beautiful way to do your hair that will suit everyone

French braid is considered the best option for styling, which does not take much time, and at the same time looks beautiful. It perfectly suits any hair color and makes them visually more voluminous. But not every girl knows its technique. That is why I have prepared a simple instruction for everyone who would like to learn how to make a French braid.

1. Carefully comb your hair. Taking part of the hair from the top, divide it into three strands. Throw the right strand over the middle one, and then shift the left one to the same place.

2. Then grab all three strands in your left hand, but in such way that they were separated from each other.

3. Take small strands of hair on the right with the second hand, and add them to the same side.

Do not forget to fix the tension so that the braid is tighter and stronger. Keep an eye on this while weaving.

4. Flip the newly added strand to the middle one, then pull the middle one to the right, thus swapping them.

5. Holding all the strands separately, you need to free your left hand. Take some hair on the left side and add it to the left strand.

6. After that, flip the left strand to the middle one, and move the middle one to the left.

7. Repeat the second and third step until all the hair is woven into the braid.

8. Fasten the braid with a hair band.

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