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Best Korean Sheet Masks

All you need to know about the restoration of your skin

Korean brands hold a strong position on the market. They provide a wide choice of low-cost, high-quality and effective skincare products. Sheet masks enjoy a high rate of popularity as they can nourish, moisturize and tone your skin in just 15-20 minutes. But don’t forget that you can use them no more than once or twice a week. In this article, I will tell you about the best Korean sheet masks that can significantly improve your skin health.

A`Pieu Coconut Milk One-Pack

The main function of this mask is to moisturize your skin. Besides, it contains vitamins A, B, C, milk proteins and coconut milk extracts that promote skin regeneration and elasticity.

Holika Holika Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet

These sheet masks with animal faces have made the brand extremely popular. And no wonder, as they have a magical property: when you apply a mask, the image of an adult animal’s muzzle turns into a baby’s neb on your face. The mask with a pug helps to reduce wrinkles, the one with a cat moisturizes, and the one with a seal lightens your skin tone.

Tony Moly i`m real mask sheet

Tony Moly leaf masks are divided into three types. The first type includes tonic masks with a watery structure. The second type features emulsion masks that effectively minimize the pores and have a cleansing effect. And the third type includes milk masks that deeply nourish your skin and make it softer.

Dr. Jart+Porecting Solution Dermask

Porecting Solution is a perfect remedy for black dots as it efficiently cleanses the pores. The mask helps make your skin firm, elastic and stimulates cellular activity.

3W Clinic Fresh Cucumber Mask Sheet

This low-cost sheet mask contains cucumber extract and other plant ingredients that allow preventing skin dryness and fatigue. Besides, the mask is made from cotton fiber which ensures proportionate absorption.

Shelim Royal Jelly Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask

In addition to its ultra-moisturizing effect, this mask has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes irritated skin. It’s all thanks to the gelee royale proteins that are contained in the mask. They penetrate deep into the epidermis and enhance the beneficial effect.

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