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Bungee Hair Tape

The alternative to the usual elastic bands and hairpins

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The history of the Bungeetape brand began in 2016, when enthusiasts from the Australian company Parksebel decided to come up with a new way to fix hair. The team had a task to come up with an accessory that would securely fasten the strands without elastic bands and help avoid tangling and damage.

The resulting Bungee Tape does not stick to your hands or hair, but only to its own surface. It is made of a strong hypoallergenic and waterproof material, so you can use it even in the pool; you can choose  red, black, white and transparent tape. Manufacturers claim that such a tape is ten times more reliable than any other means for fixing hair, Bungee Tape was used by the Kevin Murphy team at the Australian fashion week in 2017. One roll is three meters long, and it takes no more than five centimeters of tape to pull a tail together, even from the thickest hair. but there is one problem, you can't use it again: you need to remove the tape with blunt scissors.

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