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A dozen of the most prominent roles played by one of the best actresses of her generation.

Cate Blanchett is the Cannes Film Festival jury president, Armani First Global Beauty Ambassador, and one of the world’s best actresses. Besides, she won two Oscars.

10. The Talented Mr. Ripley, 1999

In general, Anthony Minghella's unpleasant psychological thriller is notable for several strong roles, but Blanchett, who has the talent to stand out from any background without grabbing the biggest piece of the pie, is especially good. Her character, an aristocrat obsessed with a swindler, is not very well written — but it’s played perfectly.

9. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, 2008

David Fincher's Christmas epic was advertised as Brad Pitt’s benefit performance and received a baker’s dozen of Oscar nominations. But this film is remembered primarily for the scenery, special effects, and Blanchett's acting that was overlooked by academics. Meanwhile, Cate is equally convincing as a young girl and a dying old woman.

8. Carol, 2015

The last much-hyped Blanchett’s role earned her the seventh Oscar nominations for the acting master class in the melodrama by Todd Haynes. In the film adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s revolutionary novel (she also wrote "The Talented Mr. Ripley») Kate falls in love with Rooney Mara and swims beautifully on the waves of her own greatest hits.

7. Truth, 2015

"Truth" was underestimated. First, because of the aggressive "Carol" Oscar campaign and, secondly, because in the genre of docudrama, it was useless to compete with the future owner of the main Oscar "Spotlight". However, the role of the TV producer Mary Mapes is one of the four best characters played by Blanchett in 2015.

6. Little Fish, 2005

Little-known outside of Australia (where it was nominated for 13 Oscars), this crushing drama tells the story of what heroin did to the residents of Sydney's "Little Saigon". Blanchett played the role of a former drug addict who is the heart and conscience of the picture. This role is one of the best in her resume (even though it was followed by "Babylon" and "Scandalous diary").

5. Heaven, 2002

When speaking about the best Blanchett’s films, it’s impossible not to mention the criminally underrated "Heaven" by German Tykwer. This film was based on Kieslowski’s scenario. It combines the features of a thriller and a tender love story.

4. The Aviator, 2004

Cate Blanchett won her first Academy Award for the role of the great Katharine Hepburn in Martin Scorsese’s biographical drama. Many have complained that Blanchett's acting is similar to "impersonation". But even Kate, who imitates Katharine, is too close to being perfect for anyone to have any complaints.

3. Elizabeth, 1998

It was Blanchett's official and justifiable break into the elite. She was almost 30 years old when the film was released. The actress shocked the audience and critics by her screen transformation into the English Queen, thus earning two Oscar nominations at once for the roles in the original film and its sequel, the Golden age, that was released nine years later.

2. I’m Not There, 2007

Cate’s career reached the peak (two Oscar nominations in one season) with the release of "The Golden age" and this anti-biopic about Bob Dylan where the musician’s role was shared by six actors, including Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, and Richard Gere. Well, and the mesmerizing Blanchett got the most interesting part of Dylan’s biography.

1.Blue Jasmine, 2013

Blanchett's triumph in one of Woody Allen’s best films is still fresh in the memory (partly owing to the Oscar won by Kate). Blanchett perfectly stands comparison with one of the most stunning performances of all time (Vivien Leigh’s acting in "A Streetcar Named Desire").

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