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90 % of women cut down on starchy foods as soon as they notice the first signs of cellulite. But are these foods the main reason for cellulite?

The majority of people believe that an active lifestyle, healthy eating, and sports are the three things that can help become slim. However, even if you follow these rules, there is a chance of having cellulite on your hips and belly. Why?

Women are more prone to cellulite than men. Scientists suppose that hormones can cause cellulite.

Estrogen is essential for the female reproductive system formation, pregnancy, and gestation. Progesterone influences your ovulation and menstrual cycle.

But these hormones also have other effects.

Estrogen transports toxins to the parts of your body where they can safely break down: hips, buttocks, belly, and arms.

The level of progesterone starts to increase during the second week of the menstrual cycle. This leads to the growing appetite, water retention, and, consequently, excess weight.

The overabundance of these hormones slows down the breakdown process, which leads to the formation of cellulite. It’s not only the amount of hormones that matters. There can be individual sensitivity to them that is often inherited. Certain body characteristics can be passed on genetically.

Besides, the more harmful products you eat, the more toxins are delivered by estrogen to the problem areas.

So what should you do?

Regularly see a gynecologist and endocrinologist to control or start fighting hormonal disorders. If you are taking oral contraceptives, be sure to inform your doctor about this. This medicine might cause cellulite. Based on your tests and complaints, a competent specialist can suggest changing the type of contraception or prescribe other drug doses.

Even if you have a good metabolism, don’t overindulge in white bread and pastry. It is advisable to replace them with whole-wheat bread and fruits.

Increase your physical activity: sports improve blood circulation and tone up your body.

Drink more water as it helps estrogen remove toxins from your body

Are you looking for something that can help you fight cellulite? You can try manual massage, vacuum massage, LPG massage, wraps, or pressure therapy.

And most importantly, you should love yourself and admit that a little bit of cellulite is not a problem, but an indicator of women's health. And everything can be corrected, if you start taking care of yourself.

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