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Safe manicure and pedicure is the main trend!

Today, when you can find more than 113 million photos on Instagram under the hashtag #nails, and salons compete in the elegant and minimalistic, but at the same time spectacular nail art many people forget about the most important thing.

Namely about the fact that without the key safety rules that every manicure master must follow, nails simply will not be able to look aesthetically pleasant.

I think it is absolute nonsense to popularize aesthetics and focus on perfectly applied nail design, while forgetting about the most important thing. Safety is our health. This is a priority.

We have identified nine key signs that your nail master follows all the security rules:

1. The manicure specialist's medical book must be at the workplace and he or she must give it at the client's request.

2. A professional manicure should work in gloves and mask. If the specialist takes care of himself, he will take care of the client.

3. Specialist must process the customer's hands by any antiseptic before starting making a manicure.

4. Specialist should find out what type of manicure the client prefers — classic, hardware, combined. It is impossable that to the vast majority of clients only hardware manicure is suitable. It is important to take into account the client's needs and skin characteristics. Manicure specialists are surgeries who invade the human body. We shouldn't forget about it.

5. The tool that the master works with must go through all the stages of sterilization — disinfection, washing under running water from the skin remains and disinfection, drying, processing in an autoclave.

6. The tool should be in special craft bags with stickers that indicate the date and time of sterilization, and they should be opened only in the client presence.

7. The tool hygiene is in the competence of a single person who is the same as surgeon who is set up for a serious operation: a mask is on the face, hands are necessarily in gloves, changeable shoes and, of course, shoe covers. For some reason, many people are surprised that a nail salon has a specialist who is responsible for processing the tool from the initial stage to the final one. This is a thorough approach to organizing an important process.

8. There are cases when clients come in with their own instrument. This usually happens because they are more comfortable with it or have had bad experience with non-responsible masters. If the client came with his or her own tool, of course, the specialist can not start working immediately. To protect yourself and remain a guarantee of a safe manicure, the specialist must pass the tool to an assistant for processing - soaking in a disinfectant solution and washing under running water.

9. The client has the right to ask the master to show him how the tools are processed. Clients should have the opportunity to see how the sterile workspace is equipped, what equipment is used, and how the processing process is performed.

I am convinced that it does not matter which segment the target audience of the salon covers, premium, medium or below average. Each nail salon, where they have the responsible approach to the provision of nail aesthetics services, do not neglect the quality and want to maintain the client's trust, they will strictly adhere to the key safety rules. Because this is a trend that will never go out of fashion.

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