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Cleansing balms: Why they are needed and what products to trust

Gentle cleansing, light exfoliation and hydration

One of the KOREAN CARE PRODUCTS that have gone far beyond the home market is cleansing balms. This is less common than hydrophilic oils, and perhaps more interesting. The balm is a thick ointment that turns into oil, emulsion or milk when it comes in contact with the skin, you can wipe it off with a warm wet towel or wash it off with water, adding foam.

Many balms are used not only for makeup removing, but also as a main cleanser — for example, in the morning: since fat dissolves fat, the balm removes both the sebum and the remnants of caring cosmetics. Classic Korean balms often do exfoliation — however, they will not replace serious exfoliants.

These products are also good because they clean very carefully and gently moisturize dry skin, without leaving a feeling of "burnt face", and are suitable for oily skin. Due to the dense texture, classic cleansing balms are usually sold in jars, rather than in vials and tubes. More expensive brands provide packages with special spatulas, which are convenient to take the product. They are better not to be neglected: if you regularly get your fingers into the jar, especially wet ones, the balm can change the smell, or even spoil. The spatula, of course, can be replaced by any other tool, which can be washed then. We have collected thirteen different balms that will satisfy any wallet and preferences.

Make-up remover balm Pestle & Mortar Erase

Smart, fashionable and beautiful brand Pestle & Mortar is made according to all modern patterns: keywords-sustainability, heritage, less is more. The line, in which every bottle look like designed for instagram, contains just what you need: cleansing, moisturizing, clear active ingredients. Erase balm was invented as the first stage of two-phase cleansing — you can wash the product off with a warm wet muslin towel, and then use a wash gel from the same series.

Clinique take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

Clinique is very good at sitting on two chairs at the same time: they make modern products and at the same time enjoy the well-deserved reputation of a proven brand that does not change its range every six months. This brand one of the first among Western brands came up with Cleansing balm, about fifteen years ago, and then not everyone understood it: two-phase cleansing was something new. But then it was tried out, and still the product remains a standard for minimalism fans: it does not smell, does not sting, and is suitable for the eyes. It should be washed off without fail: according to the brand idea, after removing makeup, you need to use a three-stage system.

Banila Co Clean It Zero facial cleansing cream

The elegant Korean brand is little known here, but it has been popular at home since 2005. The main Banila Co product is a cleansing balm that really washes off everything, including waterproof makeup, and leaves the skin super-smooth. Despite the noticeable exfoliating effect, there are no abrasive particles in the texture, so you can use it even for those with sensitive skin. This is the perfect "boring" product for those who do not want to bother with skin care — no special effects and full compliance with expectations.

Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm

Omorovicza is a niche Hungarian Spa brand with a good, expensive assortment that plays on the national colour: each product includes thermal water from local sources, as well as its own patented mineral complex. One of the key Omorovicza products is black cleansing balm, which is quite an interesting thing. The composition contains clay, but the oils balance its cleansing properties, so the product turned out to be very nutritious and gentle. The balm does not turn into an emulsion when it comes in contact with water, so you need to wash it with a napkin, and then wash it if you want.

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter emollient balm for removing makeup

The English brand is best known for its charity projects and odorous body products, but in fact the brand designes a lot of more interesting things. In particular, the gentle face cleansing series with chamomile is good.

Specifically, this dense balm is suitable for vegans, it does not contain essential oils and natural wax which means that the owners of reactive skin will like it. Perfectly washes off everything, including persistent eye make-up. We should note a successful tin can, which is ideal for travel.

Cleansing Erborian Solid Oil

Erborian has launched classic hydrophilic products just a couple of years ago, that is quite late for Korean brand. Solid Cleansing Oil smells like herbs and is something in between a balm and a cream, on the skin, the product melts into a liquid non-greasy emulsion, which is washed off with water. The balm should not be used for eyes (and it is not necessary, it will not take water-resistant products), but BB cream, blush and other highlighters are washed off perfectly.

Hydrophilic balm for washing and removing makeup Organic Kitchen Don't Touch My Face

The first collaboration of the founder of the telegram channel Don't Touch My Face Adel Miftakhova and the heavyweight Organic Kitchen, the hydrophilic balm, which was immediately loved by everyone in the world.

Especially make-up artists loved the product as it is inexpensive, universal and working. The creator recommends using the balm in the evening as the first stage of cleansing, and in the morning as the main means for washing, which can be wiped with a napkin or washed off with water. It will not cope with water-resistant pencils, but this is not a defect as the balm is not intended for this area.

Cleansing face balm Cosmetics 27 Cleanser 27

Michelle Evrard started her brand with just a few products, among which was this balm, designed according to Korean patterns. Evrar, a fan of multifunctional products, considers it a universal cleanser that is suitable not only for removing makeup and dirt, but also for the main stage of washing — you can not use the foam. There is a bamboo powder in the composition, so Cleanser 27 not only cleanses, but also slightly exfoliates the skin (do not use it on the eyes). The product does not like speed: in order to get the best out of it, you should massage the dry skin with it for about a minute, then add water, massage again and wash off — the brand recommends doing this with a konjac sponge.

Yadah Green Tea Pure Cleansing Balm

Strong Korean brand balsam is best suited for oily skin: the formula with green tea powder works well with inflammation and enlarged pores. But it will not spoil the dry one as the product bases is olive oil. The product perfectly copes with persistent make-up, and you can not wash it off, but just wipe it with a napkin: the brand specifically stipulates that the second stage of cleansing is allowed to skip.

L'occitane Immortele Divine Cleansing Balm

Aside from the solemn naming, the "divine" series with immortelle, enclosed in yellow vials, is really very good — especially for sensitive and dehydrated skin. L'occitane in this line relies on "rituals", so you can not  cope with washing quickly: to wash off the makeup, the face will have to be massaged thoughtfully and for a long time. You can use it on your eyes, but you will have to bother with the resistant mascara. To complete the washing is offered with a foam and lotion from the same series.

Hydrophilic balm Aromatica Orange Cleansing Sherbet

Aromatica is an organic Korean brand that makes cosmetics of any kind, including animal shampoos. You can buy only part of the range, including a cleansing balm. The texture, which is light enough, first of all washes away dirt, and then make-up and is suitable for those who do not like the characteristic greasy film. "Sherbet" is washed off completely, and you can not bother with the subsequent cleaning as the product copes on its own. But for the eyes, it's better to choose something else.

Scented balsam for face washing with rosewood extracts Darphin Aromatic Cleansing Balm with Rosewood

An undervalued French brand that works with oils in a jewelry way has created its own cleansing balm a long time ago. It is intended not for makeup removing as part of a two-step wash, but for actually cleansing the skin: if you need to wash off makeup (light, as with a mask like the leader of Kiss wear this balm will not cope), the brand recommends applying the product to dry skin, if not — to wet. Darphin is a keen on relaxation and thoughtful care, so that the balm emulsifies for a long time, but also has a divine smell, so it is a sin to wash it off instantly.

Nature Republic Cleansing Balm Himalaya Salt

Despite the frightening "salt" in the name of the product, the balm turned out to be quite soft — but if you have dry skin, it is better to leave it until the summer. There are no abrasive particles in the product, but the composition is not for molly-coddle but for strong cleansing lovers. The balm does not leave a film and washes away everything that you offer it, but it is not recommended to apply it to the eyes. You can wash it with a napkin.

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