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It was long believed that oils could be used only for dry and flaky skin. Today, dermatologists disprove this myth.

Therefore, oils can be included in your skincare routine in any season. When applied correctly, they help fight a great number of skin problems such as cracking, dryness, flakiness, and tightness.

First of all, you shouldn’t replace all skincare products with your favorite oils. Despite their excellent nutritional properties, oils are not able to moisturize your skin and perform other important functions that are typical of such skincare products as creams, serums, or emulsions.

Secondly, you shouldn’t start your skincare routine with applying oils. It’s more correct to use them after you have cleansed your skin and applied all other cosmetic products. In this way, oils will help keep moisture and useful components in your skin cells and their beneficial effects will be enhanced.

Girls with dry and atopic skin often make the same mistake. They apply too much oil and, as a result, their skin gets oily shine. Try to avoid this mistake as the excess oil leads to pore blockage and inhibits cellular respiration. Dermatologists keep telling that 2-3 drops of oil on top of the cream is quite enough.

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