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We dream of getting rid of wrinkles as soon as we see the first of them in the mirror. Complex creams, hardware procedures, and injections are used. Add facial gymnastics to your fitness schedule and postpone going to a cosmetologist for five years.

Unlike the muscles of the body, which are fixed on both sides by bones, the muscles of the face are attached to soft tissues with one end. Due to the lack of reliable support, the face is constantly checked for strength by the force of attraction. And, alas, wins. Facebuilding will help you win over it and age. Celebrities such as Meghan Markle, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow have tried facial gymnastics.  


1. Before the start of the facial gymnastics course, take a profile and full-face photo, then take a test shot 15 days later and after the end of the full course.

2. During exercise it is necessary to fix the muscles of the face by hands. Some experts suggest wearing cotton gloves to prevent your fingers from slipping. However, it is more difficult to feel and control movements.

3. Practice sitting in front of a mirror.

4. Before starting face yoga, take the starting position: straighten your back, straighten and pull back your shoulders, pull in your stomach, and tighten your thighs and buttocks.

5. Follow the instructions carefully, as amateur activity can lead to the formation of new wrinkles. Watch the tutorial videos on youtube.com or find a cosmetologist who has been trained in this technique.

6. Start working through the areas from top to bottom: from the forehead and around the eyes to the chin and neck.

7. Like our body, the face must also rest and recover. Increasing the number of repetitions will lead to the opposite result.

8. After each exercise, relax the facial muscles: press your lips together and blow hard through them.


Exercise against wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows:

Place your hands on your forehead above your eyebrows and press your fingertips down, and lift your eyebrows and gaze up. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Repeat 20 times.

Exercise for lifting the upper eyelids:

Close your eyes and place your middle fingers on your eyelids. Overcoming resistance, open your eyes and freeze for a couple of seconds. Then close and relax your eyelids again. Repeat 30 times.

Exercise for strengthening the lower eyelids and getting rid of bags:

Place your left hand over your left eye and your right hand over your right eye. Look up. Press the inner corners of your eyes with your middle fingers and the outer corners with your index fingers. Squint pulling your lower eyelid up. Hold this position for up to 40 seconds. Relax. Repeat 10 times.

Exercise for cheek lifting:

Open the mouth. Press your lips to your teeth. Smile broadly with just your upper lip. Narrow your lower eyelids. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Repeat 20 times.

Exercise for nasolabial folds:

Open your mouth slightly, covering your teeth with your lips. Place your index fingers on the corners of your lips. Slowly lift your fingers up the nasolabial folds to the wings of the nose and back. Repeat 20 times, then make another 30 quick movements.

Exercise for strengthening the face oval, getting rid of flews and double chin:

Open the mouth. Press your upper lip firmly to your teeth, and pull your lower lip and the corners of your mouth inward. Place your index finger on your chin and apply a little pressure, feeling a little resistance. Slowly open and close your mouth, as if scooping up water with your lower jaw. With each scoop, lift your chin a little higher. Repeat 30 times. When your head is tilted back and your chin is facing the ceiling, hold this position for 30 seconds.

Exercises for the neck against wrinkles:

This exercise is more effective to perform lying down. Wrap your hands around the front of your neck. Stretch your neck forward. You should feel the neck muscles tighten. After a second, relax your muscles. Repeat 20 times.


Each exercise is performed for about 2 minutes.

It takes 20-30 minutes to train.

You need to practice 2 times a day.

Spend 5 days a week on faceforming for 2-3 weeks.

Then you need to perform exercises 2 times a week to maintain the result.

face gymnastics before and after

face gymnastics before and after

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