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Many people like eating granola and muesli for breakfast, but not everyone knows the difference between them

Hasty millennials prefer eating granola and muesli for breakfast. These products are healthy, nutritious, and don’t take much time to cook. That’s why they are ideal options for the first meal of the day.

So what’s the difference between granola and muesli?

The key difference is the way these products are made. In case of granola, oat flakes are baked in the oven. As for muesli, the flakes are not heat treated — they are raw.

Another difference is that honey or stevia syrup are added to granola during the process of baking, while muesli contains a lot of sugar and starch.

Besides, granola is rich in nuts, dried berries, and seeds, while the main ingredients of muesli are dried fruits, chocolate, and sugar syrup. As you see, the differences between the two products speak in favor of granola.

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