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Three important differences of two beauty products

For the first time, kajal (literally "eye contour") appeared in India, but not as a makeup pencil, but as a healthy product. Indian women believed that a special composition can protect the mucous membrane of the eyes from dust, dry hot wind and bacteria.

Today, Kajal, which can be recognized by the inscription "khôl" is a must-have tool that can be seen in the beauty case of every self-respecting visagist. This is a soft contour eyeliner pencil.

However, we should keep in mind that Kajal is not a synonym for eyeliner.

We have made a list of differences to your makeup be flawless.


Black Kajal, in contrast to the usual pencil, is most often used to create a line on the ciliated contour from the eyelid mucosa side. The result is much more pronounced eye colour and an attractive look.

White colour Kajal is perfect as a shadow base, as all the shades look more spectacular and saturated. Life hack: a wide line applied to the mobile eyelid at the lashes roots visually enlarges the eyes.

Moreover, today beauty maniacs can easily find their colour in the impressive colour scheme of kajals. Try olive, tarracot, pearl, dark blue, purple or the colour of coffee or golden sand.


Traditionally beauty-brands pay much more attention to the Kajal formulas than to the usual pencils. Today, kajal includes mineral components, Dutch soot (if we are talking about black kajals), which is based on birch bark and resin, as well as plant-based antiseptics.

All kinds of seed and nut oils are used as a binding ingredient to create their special, melting texture.


Kajals are incredibly soft, with slightly greasy rod and very pliable, creamy-wet texture, so they are able to apply rich colour lines.

Due to this, they are ideal for those who have just begun to master the art of drawing perfect Adele-like eyelines. Using kajals, you can easily create soft eyelines with smoky shading.

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