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How to Apply Face Masks Correctly

How to Apply Face Masks Correctly

The vast majority of people like face masks but not everyone knows how to use them correctly. Both an excellent effect and lack of it depend on the way you apply the face pack. In this article, I’ll tell you about the rules and secrets of using masks.

Don’t forget to cool face packs

The purpose of gel and hydrogel masks is to constrict blood vessels, relieve redness and irritation, reduce the symptoms of dermatitis and rosacea. They also stop the formation of pigmentation after tanning. If you want to make packs even more effective, keep them in the fridge. Or you can put them in your freezer for about 10 minutes before use.

Apply face packs correctly

It’s more than likely that you apply face masks in one of the following two ways: along the massage lines or randomly. However, you can try some more effective methods. If your skin is predisposed to inflammations, try to apply packs from the center of your face to the peripheral areas. This helps activate the lymph circulation. If your skin is dehydrated and dull, apply face masks from the bottom upwards in order to stimulate blood flow.

Take a shower

Not only cleansing face packs are recommended to be applied while taking a shower or in the bathhouse. Cream and gel formulas are rich in such moisturizing ingredients as glycerin and hyaluronic acid which absorb water from the surrounding environment and enrich your skin with it. There is a lot of moisture in the air when you are having a bath. Besides, heat and steam help open your skin pores, thus allowing the ingredients to penetrate deeper and work better.

Observe time limits

The application time is indicated in the instructions for each face pack and it’s for a good reason. Please follow the manufacturer's recommendations carefully. You should be especially watchful when you apply cleansing masks based on clay or therapeutic mud. Try not to keep them for too long. Such masks remove dirt and sebum from the pores. But as soon as they become completely dry, they can easily give all the impurities back. So it’s recommended to wash clay masks off as soon as they go dry. It’s better to use them in the shower and sprinkle them with thermal water.

Sheet masks

Everyone who is familiar with Korean face packs can’t but like them. And it’s really impossible not to love them! The combination of powerful serums and fabric or hydrogel bases can work wonders. Korean women have devised a way of increasing the effectiveness of sheet masks. They advise to put a mask on a cleansed face, keep it for only half the recommended time and then remove it in order to apply some daily serum. And after that it’s necessary to put the mask back on the face. In this way, fabric will help your skin absorb the active components of both the mask and daily serum. If there are any leftovers, apply them over your neck, decollete area and hands.


Patches can help smooth not only your under-eye skin. You can put them between your eyebrows or on the nasolabial folds. Regardless of the composition, all patches are aimed at moisturizing. Therefore, they will not only help you reduce crow’s feet but also smooth your smile lines.

Night masks

Night masks are usually produced in the form of balms. They form a transpiring barrier and provide a steady flow of moisturizing, nourishing and protective ingredients throughout the night. It’s better to choose the night masks that contain antioxidants. During sleep, these components penetrate deeper and work more effectively. They neutralize the adverse effect of free radicals. Antioxidants are especially useful for the problem-prone skin with diminished protective functions.

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