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Top recommendations for all hair types

The process of choosing a hairbrush can be too long due to the wide variety of shapes and materials. Brushes, combs, brushings… Each type has different properties and characteristics. Using them on a daily basis, we often are not responsible enough about the brush purchase. Beside the detangling, combs should massage the scalp, increase blood circulation, and improve the structure You shouldn't forget that they must be washed every two weeks. Trichologists, doctors who study the hair morphology and physiology, often emphasize the importance of choosing a comb. We have found basic expert tips on how to choose the best suitable brush for each hair type.

Short hair

Girls with short hair length should look at skeletal combs and brashings with a small diameter. They give the hair a direction, and also create a pre-root volume.

Long hair

Long hair owners are recommended to use sparse teeth combs with a massage effect. It can be a comb made of natural material or a plastic brush. But remember that this comb must be changed regularly; otherwise it can damage the surface layer of the hair.

Thin hair

For such hair thin close-set teeth combs and massage brushes are the most effective. The former prevent tangling and create a volume effect, while the latter awaken the follicles that nourish the hair.

Thick hair

For thick hair owners trichologists recommend wooden combs with thick and sparse teeth. Flexible and plastic combs made of a delicate material are also an excellent option.

Curly hair

Even to the most tangled tresses a suitable comb can be found. For curly hair, the best options are silicone combs as well as combs with sparse and long teeth that resist tangling. For beautiful styling, you should look at the brashings of different diameters and materials.

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