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How to Get Rid of Dilated Capillaries on Your Face

The problem of dilated facial capillaries is quite widespread. It’s especially common in winter when the temperature constantly fluctuates. Not all people know how to take care of their facial skin during the cold season. Some people are predisposed to couperosis and some lead an unhealthy lifestyle that provokes different skin disorders. In this article, you can find the reasons and methods for treating enlarged facial capillaries.


Dermatologists identify the loss of capillary elasticity as telangiectasia. It leads to the formation of a vascular network which reveals itself as facial redness. Everyone has this condition but it can manifest itself differently depending on many factors.

Causes of dilated capillaries

The reasons for couperosis include bad habits and serious health problems. You should avoid such bad habits as smoking, drinking alcohol, constant stress, poor nutrition, going to the sauna, ultraviolet radiation, and acne self-treatment. All these factors mostly affect the people with thin, sensitive skin. Besides, the external reasons for enlarged capillaries include huge temperature swings, poor ecology, and the intake of hormonal contraceptives. Couperosis may also result from your health condition. It’s important to pay attention to such factors as genetics, blood pressure swings, and endocrine disruptions. Thus, if you want to avoid couperosis, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

How to reduce dilated capillaries

It is impossible to get rid of dilated capillaries completely, but there are several ways to reduce them to some extent. You can apply some treatment methods at home. Namely, you should use sunscreen creams (you can also apply them on your under-eye area) and wash your face with both warm and cold water. It is also considered effective to use serums that contain vitamin C and such anticouperosis elements as vitamin E, linoic and linolenic acids, Camellia extract. Laser treatment is the most common and effective method. A ray of light can treat small areas of your skin not affecting the adjacent healthy tissues. If you have tiny rubors, laser treatment will provide almost instant results. But if you have a more serious condition, you may need to undergo a set of treatment procedures.

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