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I'd like to start with theory: each person has a genetic number of follicles that produce hair. For example, a child before puberty has about 600 follicles per square centimetre. Adults have the reduced amount of follicles by about two times up to 250-300.

It is very important to understand that their number decreases with age.

The sooner you begin to pay attention to the hair thickness and stimulate their growth the greater probability that their number will remain at the same level or increase. But it is impossible to enlarge the amount of follicles on the head skin. As practice has shown, the low molecular herbal essential remedies have a great impact as they make the skin healthy.

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Many plant extracts are able to improve the vascular system work, clean the epidermis in delicate and not aggressive manner that contributes to the proper cells regeneration.

Everyone who wants to make their hair thick should know that both a follicle and a hair itself is a skin cell. If we work with head skin we influence the follicles.

Basic principles how to make your hair thick


If you don't have any problems with the scalp, peeling is a perfect suit for you, as it can be done about once or twice a month. This is a great practice to cleanse the hair follicle and stimulate growth. If peeling also has a cooling effect, it helps to stimulate the blood vessels in the skin, and thus improve the hair quality and thickness.

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Pay attention to the food and the amount of water you consume. Add protein, vegetable and animal fats to your diet. If a girl is keeping to a strict diet and doesn't get these elements, her subcutaneous fat, follicles and hair shaft become thinner. In the subcutaneous fat there is a layer of cells that is involved in the hair formation.


It is a common fact that our frontotoparietal zone has no muscles. It means that in this area blood flow is most often violated. Therefore, if you want to make your hair thick, elastic, strong, do massage: massage your head with a comb, or go to specialists who work on the neck-shoulder zone, and also use remedies that stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles.

Warning: any stimulating growth drugs and remedies should be prescribed by a specialist.

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By the way, it is very important to understand that these are general recommendations.

To learn what to do in your individual case, you should consult a specialist.

For example, if you have peeling, itching, seborrhoeic dermatitis, psoriasis or hormonal changes in the body, first go to the trichologist, and do not prescribe the hair care by yourself.

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