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The fat content of the scalp depends on a combination of factors: nutrition, hormonal background, age and hygiene.

It is very important to understand that during different periods of life, sebaceous glands are functioning differently.

For example, children's sebaceous glands almost do not work, but the sweat channels are actively functioning.

Starting from 9-11 years, the sebaceous glands are activated and we begin to observe the greasiness of the scalp. Girls from 21 and older have a more stable sebaceous gland and they have complaints about oily skin if they have done styling today, and tomorrow the roots look stale and lose volume.


To reduce the density of sebaceous secretions, it is necessary to include to the diet fresh fruits and vegetables, drink a lot of clean still water, and minimize the use of fatty food, fast food and coffee with milk.


Choose a shampoo according to scalp type, but not for the hair structure. Coloured or lightened strands owners buy a restoring, moisturizing shampoos, with them the scalp will become greasy faster. I recommend a firming shampoo, it is suitable for normal skin and skin prone to greasiness.

You should always wash your hair twice, use your own hair as a peeling and not to hurry to clean the skin thoroughly and completely wash off the shampoo.

If the shampoo is not completely washed off, the skin will build a protective barrier and actively produce a sebaceous secret.


Increased sebaceous gland secretion is often associated with an excess of male sex hormones. If you often suffer from greasiness, check your hormonal background.


The sebaceous glands are affected by stress. When you are nervous, the hair muscle spasms and presses on the sebaceous gland, provoking an excess of sebum. It is useful to take b vitamins and minimize stress.

Do you really have oily skin?

A competent diagnosis of the condition of the scalp can be made by a trichologist, a master of scalp treatment.

You shouldn't make diagnoses by yourself.

By over-drying the scalp, which is not greasy, you will contribute to hair shaft thinning and hair loss.

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