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7 effective ways

The skin around the eyes is an indicator of health. Fatigue, lack of sleep or a glass of wine the night before leave traces under the eyes in the form of dark circles or bags. It is possible to get rid of them, but first you should find the source of their origin.

Causes for dark circles under the eyes

Chronic lack of sleep.

Make it a rule to sleep at least 7 hours. It is too short 4-5 hour sleep is too short for our body to restore. Then lack of sleep results in pallor, red eyes and bruises under the eyes.


Sleep disorders can also be a result of stressful situations. Problems at work or in personal life have a detrimental effect on the nervous system, as a result of which internal processes in the body can be disrupted. In particular, this leads to changes in the harmonic background, and you can see the result on your face. In this case I advise to address to the neurologist, the gynaecologist or endocrinologist.

Illiterate diet.

Fried, spicy, smoked and fatty foods are very harmful for the peri-orbital zone. In addition, the love of coffee and alcohol exacerbates the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.


Reaction to dust, flowering plants, animal hair, cold air leads to lacrimation and itching. The eyelids are irritated and reddish circles appear.

Anaemia and insufficient blood circulation.

To find out if this is the cause of bags under the eyes — contact your doctor and make the appropriate tests.

Other reason.

Dark circles can also be the result of dieting, long-term use of antibiotics and hormonal medications.

Get rid of dark circles with help of cosmetics

Cream with kojic acid or hydroquinone. It has a powerful whitening effect and significantly reduces the darkening of the skin on thin areas.

Cream with caffeine. It helps to reduce blood vessels, stimulating them to activity.

Cream with epidermal growth factor. One of the most effective care products for bruising.

Getting rid of bags using folk remedies

Sour cream mask

Mix the cucumber pulp with sour cream, chopped parsley and coriander. Put the resulting mush in a gauze bag and leave it under your eyes for 20 minutes.

Potato mask

Raw potatoes perfectly whiten the skin. Mix the chopped potatoes with the warmed milk.

Cottage cheese mask

Mash the fat cottage cheese and add a few drops of strong tea to it. From the resulting mass, make cakes and apply to the area around the eyes.

Walnut mask

Mix 10 g of chopped walnuts with warm butter. Add 4 drops of pomegranate or lemon juice. Apply to the eye area for 20-25 minutes.

Parsley mask

Chop 20 g of fresh parsley in a blender and add 3 drops of lemon juice to it.

Effective compresses

An excellent auxiliary remedy will be wiping the area around the eyes with pieces of cosmetic ice made from a decoction of sage, parsley, chamomile, cornflower and dill.

To do this, brew a tablespoon of flowers in a cup of water (250 ml) and let it infuse for at least 30 minutes. Cool the broth, pour into an ice mold.

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