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What foods and vitamins should be included in your daily diet

Fact: the panic and stress reduce the protective forces of the body. We should not follow the global trend and be afraid of an epidemic, as globally we are unlikely to be able to change the situation for the better. At the same time, it does not hurt to learn a few simple actions that will protect you and your loved ones.

To reduce the opportunity of covid19 disease, I recommend washing your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20-30 seconds. If you do not have this option, you should use hand antiseptics: a solution with an alcohol content of 60-80% or a 2% solution of chlorhexidine. The antiseptic should cover the entire surface of the hand skin, treat them for at least 30 seconds and pay special attention to the nails, since they accumulate the most germs. Also, do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with dirty hands.

At the same time, it is not forbidden to enjoy life, allow yourself small joys, hug your mother and friends. Quite the opposite.

Have you heard about the curious experiment that Professor Lee Burke conducted? During his lectures he showed comedy films to his students. By observing the external and internal reactions of young men and women, professor found out that laughter and positive emotions have a beneficial effect on the immune system — at the molecular level! Therefore, do not fall into a depression, worrying about the Italians — it is better to support and cheer up those who are nearby.

However, if you have symptoms of acute respiratory infection, stay at home to prevent others from getting infected. In addition, avoid close contact with other people, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing and sneezing, regularly ventilate the room and disinfect surfaces, and stay in touch with your family doctor. The most responsible can wash the nose with sterile undiluted isotonic sea water, use vitamins C and D on a daily basis, and also include fermented foods in the diet that strengthen the microflora, which the immune system directly depends on.

These include sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, miso paste, greek yogurt, tang, kefir, pickles, kvass, soy sauce, PU-erh tea, good wine (finally we have a reason to drink a glass or two without a twinge of conscience), beer, vinegar and cheese.

In addition, we decided to ask the doctor of the German brand Orthomol how to protect yourself and your loved ones during the epidemic.

Measures that really work

Adhere to standard hygiene standards: wash your hands well while in public places, do not touch your face or rub it. Ventilate the room more often and wash your nose with saline solution. Feel free to wear specialized medical masks, especially on public transport. 

In addition, minimize visits to places with large crowds: cinemas, restaurants, bars, exhibitions, and gyms. 

Spend time at home with your family: when else will you have such a great opportunity to have a heart-to-heart conversation or spend an evening watching French comedies?

How to protect children from viruses?

Follow standard hygiene measures, the same as for adults. It is useful to use quartz lamps for disinfecting and therapeutic cleaning, both at home and in kindergarten.

Does it make sense to take interferon, or drugs based on it in case of illness?

There is no point in taking interferon, since the human body produces the necessary substances to fight viruses.

Drugs based on interferon fight the virus instead of our immunity, causing further addiction, and the body eventually ceases to produce substances to fight infectious agents.

Thus, immune cells do not function properly and even ordinary flu can cause serious problems. Although the principle of the immune system is just that after each cold, it becomes more resistant to viral diseases. The natural barrier to harmful viruses and bacteria is already built into our body, you should just learn how to use it correctly.

How does the immune system help you avoid getting sick in the middle of an epidemic?

Immunity is a reliable human body shield, the quality and thickness of which are determined by the state of the immune system. When all the organs and cells of the latter function correctly, it works smoothly.

But if there is a failure in one organ, the protective forces immediately begin to decrease.

Saturate the body with all the necessary vitamins, adhere to a healthy lifestyle, eat properly and do not neglect the rules of hygiene — if you follow these simple rules, most likely, the epidemic will not affect you.

How to choose vitamins that help strengthen the immune system?

Vitamins for disease prevention

Orthomol Immun vitamin complex is aimed at strengthening the immune system in a short time. Its key task is to restore our natural protective function to normal parameters. The principle of its action is simple and consists in providing the immune system with a balanced amount of vitamins and trace elements that enter the body in the form of special therapy.

Vitamins for prevention and for those who are already ill

Orthomol I-CAre vitamin complex provides powerful support to the body during viral and infectious diseases. It monitors the necessary level of micronutrients. The uniqueness of this complex is that it can be taken both as a prevention and as one of the components of treatment, if the viral disease has already started.

Vitamins for those who are already ill and drink medicine

The vitamin complex Orthomol Immun Pro is aimed at restoring the intestinal microflora, which directly affects the state of the immune system. German vitamins are created to stabilize and normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal system, which has suffered as a result of taking powerful medications, including antibiotics.

Vitamins for children's disease prevention

Orthomolecular vitamin complex Orthomol Junior C plus works to strengthen the child's immune system. It is intended for children from four years old and is successfully used to prevent viral and infectious diseases (SARS, flu, etc.). The complex is designed specifically for children and consists of 25 microelements necessary for the body, including vitamins A, C, E, plant substances (such as bioflavonoids), ultramicroelements — all of them are selected in the necessary proportion. Orthomol Junior C Plus helps neutralize dangerous free radicals, fight infection faster and reduce the duration of the disease.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a particular vitamin?

Orthomol Immun contains iodine, inulin, which is a probiotic, while Orthomol I-Care does not contain these components. But in Orthomol I-Care there are geroprotectors with proven effectiveness (broccoli, turmeric and green tea extract), in addition, among the ingredients there is lycopene, which is a skin oncoprotector, and lutein has a protective effect on the visual organs. Therefore, Orthomol I-Care has a more versatile and rich composition than Orthomol Immun.

In addition, it is important to understand that the transportation and storage of vitamins affects their quality. If a person transports remedy in a suitcase on a plane, then the quality of such products is out of the question. You need to buy vitamins only from official representatives who comply with all the rules of transportation and storage, as well as those who can provide authentic quality certificates. As it is clear that these companies are responsible for the product that they sell. Please do not forget that you take vitamins inside - adds the doctor of the German brand Orthomol.
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