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And how to use them 

To make your makeup perfect, it is important not only to choose good cosmetics, but to use the right tools. I have prepared a list of the optimal number of brushes that each girl should have. They will help you to spread the tonal base perfectly, blend the bronzer and apply highlighter. Even if you prefer only a slight tone for every day, it is worth purchasing a few additional brushes that will be useful for a special occasion.

Flat-cut brush

This brush is perfect for fluid tone cream as it helps to spread cream evenly. A flat surface and dense pile will prevent the formation of strips that can appear if the product doesn't spread well. You can use it to create a dense tone, or apply a thin layer of cream. It depends on the amount of cream you use.

Bevelled brush

Great for applying blush, bronzer or highlighter. The beveled brush is one of the most multi-purpose tools that you should have in your make-up bag. Due to the small cut angle and soft fibres, it takes the necessary amount of product, that allows to spread it evenly over the face. If you use this brush for blush and bronzer, then do not use it for highlighter. The rests of the product with colour pigment may remain on it and will be left on the areas where they should not be applied. Don't forget to brush off your cosmetics after each use.

Powder brush

The long pile with slightly rounded edges allows you to mix products of a crumbly or pressed consistency precisely. With this brush you can put on the blush, bronzer, highlighter, matting powder and other powder products. Give preference to a tool made of high-quality material, not to cause skin irritation and ensure smooth application. Choose the brush that you will use only to apply the powder, so that the remnants of makeup products of other shades don't create ugly lines and spots on the face. 

Blush brush

This medium-sized professional brush is ideal for creating a soft contour or natural blush. Buy a high-quality brush with a good pile: it evenly spreads the product and there won't be unnatural spots on the face.

Concealer brush

To hide the dark circles under your eyes, you need a small concealer brush that will ensure accurate application and allow you to spread the product evenly. A brush with a pointed end allows you to correct any defect, dark circles and redness. If combined with the right concealer, you will immediately get the desired effect: the skin tone will become even, and the look will be fresh. 

Fan brush

Sometimes all you need to complete your look is a slight shimmering. A fan brush is suitable for applying a highlighter, as due to its lightness it takes the optimal amount of product and precisely leaves it where it is needed: on the swollen parts of the face. 

Eye shadow brush

Shadows will help to put on effective makeup accents and emphasize your look. A firm rounded brush will help you to apply shadows in the right amount and distribute the product correctly. Choose the brush with synthetic pile: its structure is less porous than natural one; it means it takes more of the cosmetics and make-up will be brighter. Do not forget to spread the shadows over the entire area of the mobile eyelid and apply under the lower lashes. 

Brush for shading

If you applying several shades of eye shadow to your eyelids, remember the important rule: you should blend them as good as possible. This slightly tapered brush with long pile allows you to smooth the edge and mix shadows so that the eye make-up has the finished look.

Brow brush

Beautifully outlined eyebrows is an effective accent that makes the image complete. A beveled thin brush will help you apply the desired product from powder to lipstick. With the help of a modeling brush, you can blend the applied product and put your eyebrows hair to hair.

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