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The most effective plant products that have a positive effect on libido.

Aphrodisiacs proudly bear the name of the Greek love goddess Aphrodite. Already in the first century ad Ovid writes a whole treatise "The Science of Love", where he boldly discusses the advantages and disadvantages of aphrodisiacs known to medicine at that time. Later, books about the art of love were written, and recipes for "Oriental pleasure pills" were sold in Europe with great success.

Today, the very concept of aphrodisiac is increasingly interpreted as a drug to enhance sexual desire. In fact, they are also substances of natural origin that can not only stimulate the fire of desires, prolong pleasure, but also increase sexuality, align the hormonal balance, and positively affect the mood and appearance.


Contain the zinc, which is not unreasonably called the most important trace element of real macho. It is also found in other seafood - lobsters, shrimps, fish roe. The main thing is not to get carried away, as instead of a sexual forces rush, you can earn protein poisoning.

Consumption: fresh, with whole-grain flour products - in pastas, risotto.


Its fruits are rich in vitamin E, which positively affects the skin, nails and hair condition, and appearance is an important component of sexuality.

Consumption: guacamole, as part of salads with seafood.

Pumpkin seeds

They contain essential trace elements such as zinc, as well as essential fatty acids that stimulate the production of sex hormones and improve the condition of the skin and hair.

Consumption: as an additive to soups and salads.


Omega-3 acids increase the level of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that stimulates desire and increases orgasm.

Consumption: give preference to grilled or steamed fish served with green leafy vegetables.


Vitamin B6 in combination with folic acid has a positive effect on the production of sex hormones. Spinach also contains zinc, which regulates the sharpness of passion.

Consumption: steamed spinach as a side dish or fresh in salads.


Trace elements of manganese and polyunsaturated fatty acids will help maintain the balance of sex hormones.

Consumption: fried or raw almonds, nutty desserts.


Bananas contain natural bromelain, which is responsible for increasing reproductive function. A balance of vitamins B and potassium supports the health of the hormonal system and increases sexual desire.

Consumption: fresh and in desserts.

Dark chocolate

Phenylethylamine in cocoa beans is one of the most ancient love "drugs". It excites the imagination, makes the brain work more actively, increases sexual desire and slightly increases the pulse rate.

Consumption: any desserts with a cocoa content of at least 70%.


A product for real temptresses. The stems and root of celery contain androsterone, a hormone responsible for women's sexual arousal.

Consumption: steamed or fried in olive oil stalks, as part of freshly squeezed juices.


One of the most ancient means of increasing potency and fertility. It is rich in trace elements that support the health of the cardiovascular system. Along with mangoes, strawberries and peaches, it is considered to be the best end to a romantic evening.

Consumption: fresh and as part of desserts.

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