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Top 9 Hair Hydrating Masks

During the cold season, it is extremely important to moisturize hair in order to avoid dryness, hair breaking, split ends and electrification. I’d like to tell you about nine effective masks that can deeply moisturize and nourish your hair.

Phytojoba Moisturizing Mask, Phyto

Phyto is one of the Parisian women’s favourite brands. Phytojoba Moisturizing Mask deeply hydrates your hair and makes it soft and shining. The powerful formula of this product includes jojoba oil, Angelica root extract, sweet orange essential oil and wheat microproteins. The soft texture of the mask provides intense hydration and helps straighten tangled hair. It also has a fantastic smell. With this mask, the process of hairwash will become a pleasant spa procedure.

O`sole Mio Repairing Moisturising Mask, Diego dalla Palma

Summer vacation in the middle of winter is not considered to be unusual anymore. If you can't wait for the warm season, you can easily fly to the seaside even in January. O ' sole Mio Repairing Moisturizing Mask from Diego dalla Palma is designed to provide your hair with reliable protection from dryness caused by sunlight, wind, chlorinated and salt water. At the same time, this mask is a perfect remedy for seasonal hair dryness in urban conditions. The formula includes acai extract which is a powerful antioxidant. It protects hair from oxidative processes. The mask also contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 that strengthen and protect your hair. Besides, the components include a nourishing rice extract, a protecting Chia oil and barley protein. The latter effectively normalizes the level of hair wetting.

Karite Hydra Hydrating Shine Mask, Rene Furterer

Karite Hydra Hydrating Shine Mask from Rene Furterer is an absolute must for those who have curly and very dry hair. The product contains shea butter and Cimentrio natural complex which intensively moisturize locks, smoothen hair scales and promote the formation of beautiful curls. In addition, the mask ensures the natural shine of your curls and creates a protective layer that reliably defends your hair from the aggressive environment. That’s exactly what you need during cold winter months!

Ultra-Gentle Conditioner with Oat Milk, Klorane

Ultra-Gentle Conditioner with Oat Milk from Klorane protects, softens, disetangles your hair and eliminates fluffiness and static electricity thanks to deep hydration. The main ingredients include organic oatmeal milk which softens the hair and efficiently cleanses even a sensitive scalp, inulin which helps straighten tangled hair and a cationic polymer that makes hair smooth and thick. Thanks to its strong formula, the conditioner can be used as a moisturizing hair mask. It doesn’t contain parabens, silicones, sulfates or sodium chloride.

Intense Hydrating Mask, Moroccanoil

The Argan tree is considered sacred in many Eastern countries. Its oil is extracted in Morocco. This component is one of the key ingredients that make part of the Intense Hydrating Mask from Moroccanoil. It gently revitalizes over-dried and brittle curls damaged by a hair dryer, thermal lining or styling products. The mask makes hair glowing, elastic and hydrated. It helps retain moisture in the hair shaft and revitalizes dull curls. You can notice positive effects from the very first days of application.

Essential Haircare Minu Hair Mask, Davines

Essential Haircare Minu Hair Mask from Davines is a perfect choice for damaged hair that is colored regularly. It contains the essence from caper flowers that grow on the island of Salina. These plants are cultivated as part of the Slow Food Presidium eco-program. Besides, the mask contains the amino acid quercetin that protects hair structure and polyphenols that preserve hair color. The pale blue shade of the product will remind you of a carefree vacation spent near the ocean.

Restorative Treatment Hair Mask, Noah

This healing mask from the Italian brand works well to restore hair structure and fill in its voids. It contains such powerful components as hyaluronic acid and avocado oil that effectively moisturize and revitalize dry, brittle and colored hair. I like that Noah experts use only Ecocert-certified ingredients which are obtained from organic plants and flowers. The product doesn’t contain any harmful components such as sulfates, silicone, parabens, paraffin waxes, mineral oils and salicylate diethylamine. There is also a good lifehack for you: the mask can be used as a conditioner if you need to moisturize very dry hair.

Masque Hydratant, Gkhair

The American professional brand Gkhair is known by everyone who is interested in products for hair restoration and straightening. The Masque Hydratant contains excellent moisturizing components including a keratin complex, organic oils, plant components, vitamins and minerals. Your curls will become shiny, manageable and silken in just 20 minutes after application.

Night Cream for Hair Nutrition and Recovery, Yves Rocher

The experts of the Yves Rocher herbal cosmetics brand have created a night leave-in hair mask that efficiently moisturizes and restores your hair while you are sleeping. The main ingredients in the formula include jojoba oil that has outstanding nutritional properties and a plant peptide complex that is often referred to as Keratin filler. All you need to do is to apply a small amount of the product to dry hair two or three times a week before going to bed. The night cream won’t make your hair heavier and there will be no leftovers on your pillow. You will notice excellent results after the first application. Your hair will become more manageable, elastic and thick. In addition, the product has a wonderful smell similar to that of French cakes.

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