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Uses and Effects of Belly Patches

Nowadays, it’s impossible to surprise anyone by under-eye patches but belly patches are still a novelty for us. In this article I will try to figure out how belly patches work by studying the Collistar brand.

The Patch-treatment Reshaping Abdomen and Hips can change the shape of your belly and waist thanks to the shock effect that is achieved with the help of the transdermal patch technology. Transdermal systems are extended release formulations with one or more active ingredients that should be applied to the skin. Collistar belly patches contain Garcinia cambogia and caffeine which provide a drainage effect and fight localized fat deposits. Other beneficial components include thermo-active ingredients for microcirculation improvement and Ginkgo biloba extract that helps tonify and strengthen your skin.

Collistar belly patches are very simple and practical. They are perfectly glued to the skin and remain transparent and invisible under your clothes. Thus, you can forget about them while going about your daily routines. The shape of the patches was specially designed for sinuous body parts, so they perfectly fit the abdominal and waist region.

You should apply belly patches onto dry and clean skin twice a week. You can leave them on your skin for about eight hours. By the way, these patches can be used at any time, day or night. If you apply them regularly, very soon your body will take on a new silhouette, all the imperfections and the amount of fat deposits will be reduced, and your belly will become flatter. And if you also start to do plank exercises, you will definitely get into great shape for the summer season!

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