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Naomi Campbell, Miranda Kerr, Kate Upton, and other slim models share their secrets

Naomi Campbell

Every day the "black panther" drinks warm water with lemon, herbal teas, and cold-pressed juices. She eats steaks and salads with fish. Naomi claims that she has never gone without food and is not going to starve.

I can't imagine my life without daily yoga and pilates classes.

Miranda Kerr

I eat everything, but not all the time.

Orlando Bloom’s ex-wife is keen on healthy eating. Miranda's diet includes salmon, avocado, eggs, and green fresh fruits. But she does not avoid ordinary food.

I eat everything, but not all the time. I love salty dishes. But I try to give up this habit and replace salt with lemon juice.

Kerr starts her day with a glass of warm water with lemon as Naomi Campbell does.

As for my breakfast, it can include boiled eggs or oatmeal. I also eat spinach, cucumbers, cabbage, and celery.

Kate Upton

The big-breasted beauty has 2 boiled eggs for breakfast and washes them down with green tea. As a snack, Kate prefers 10 raw almonds or vegetable juice. For lunch, she eats quinoa porridge, vegetables, and grilled chicken. The model does not miss out on dinner, unlike her colleagues. Upton admits that she often eats sashimi or cabbage salad and fried salmon for dinner.

Candice Swanepoel

I don't keep to any diets and don't count calories, but I always watch my nutrition. I try to make sure that my food is rich in all the necessary vitamins. My meals should contain proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

Here is an example of the model's daily diet.

Breakfast: coffee, protein shake, scrambled eggs with bacon, and a croissant.

Lunch: chicken or steak, quinoa salad.

Dinner: "I can eat pasta or fried salmon, or I can skip dinner. It all depends on my mood."

Joan Smalls

I am used to drinking green vegetable juices.

I can't give up pizza, meat, delicious rice, bacon, and pancakes for lunch. My dietitian scolds me and constantly asks how many vegetables I eat daily. But I have learned to control my serving size and started to eat less. I have also developed a habit of drinking green vegetable juices.
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