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In 1998, Katie Holmes became a universal favorite, after playing in the series "Dawson's Bay". Twenty years later, although she avoids publicity and rarely gives interviews, the interest in the actress has not subsided.

She's wearing a cardigan. The beige cashmere cardigan that blew up the Internet. The one that showed a matching cashmere bra. The one that told the world: "Katie Holmes is back."

This is the life of Katie Holmes right now. The smallest detail can cause thousands of photos and millions more interpretations. Think about it: beige cardigan-is there anything less provocative in the world? And now cashmere bras that, for a second, cost more than $ 500 are sold out in a matter of hours, and Katie is once again a woman whose life is interesting to everyone.

It wasn't always like that. In 1998, when Holmes began her acting career in the series "Dawson's Bay", she was an ordinary, normal girl. So were her boyfriends - Joshua Jackson, Chris Klein. And suddenly she surprised everyone by marrying the most unusual guy in Hollywood, Tom Cruise.

And then Katie disappeared. Almost overnight. She didn't confess on talk shows, didn't fall out of bars drunk, didn't go to ceremonies, and didn't document her life on instagram. She quietly ran a business, launched a clothing brand with her friend and stylist Jeanne Young, and after divorcing Cruise in 2012, she grows her daughter Suri.

From the outside world's point of view, she disappeared for ten years. During this time, a random photo appeared on the Internet, in which she and Suri, who is now 13, walk hand in hand in almost identical clothes on the streets of New York. And a few more. She showed up at a couple of ceremonies, and that's it. But the world wanted to know more.

But Katie didn't want to accept the game rules. Before our interview, we told her agent that we would like to make a video in which Holmes describes how her style has changed over time. Nothing too personal. We were asked to coordinate the photos and Katie did not approve many of them (coincidentally, there were photos related to the period of her life together with Cruise). Security was alert.

And then a few days later we meet in Milan, where she flew to the Fendi show. I walk into the hotel bar, where she is sitting alone — without bodyguards or an agent. Just the way you imagine her: sweet, smiling, leaning over a cup of Americano, in a cashmere cardigan.

You're wearing the cardigan!" She looks at me surprisingly and starts to laugh. "I just woke up and put it on. It's very nice. Try it, " she holds out her hand. I touch it. "I love this brand, Khaite," she says. — I didn't wear that bra under it today. I bought it [the bra] because I thought it was cool. The cardigan is so big, it's nice to wear only a bra under it." Pause. "I didn't expect this to be a topic of discussion.

I think she's lying. Holmes was rumored to have worn it when she split from actor Jamie Foxx after six years together. A casual cardigan with a super sexy bra is too perfect detail not to appear on the front pages.

"No," Holmes insists, shaking her head. — I just put it on and left the house." She says she only heard about the Internet hype when a friend called her. "And I'm like, uh-uh... OK, " she shrugs, discouraged.

Holmes says she doesn't Google herself.

It's better to watch an old movie, read something good, talk to friends and family. There's someone else's version of me on the Internet that I can do nothing about.

If you Google her name, you'll get millions of search results. You will be told what she was wearing yesterday, what grocery store she went to, how she was going to yoga. Every step is tracked and analyzed. The morning before our interview, I search for information about her, and the first headline I see says: "Katie Holmes came out of the house in a brown raincoat and got into a taxi!»

When I tell her this, she looks puzzled.

Really? I just..." she pauses and says, almost in a whisper, "It's too much. Too much. Honestly. Such attention... I try to be calm about everything, because I can change nothing.I try to look good when I leave the house. I am a very private and quiet person. It's strange that this is a part of my life.

Holmes was born in 1978 in Toledo, Ohio, and was the youngest of five children in the family. Her mother was a housewife and her father was a lawyer. Katie had been accepted to Columbia university, her father wanted her to become a doctor. But Holmes had another dream: she was always more interested in fashion and acting, so after graduating from high school, she found an agent.

"Dawson's Bay" is not the first serious offer. According to the local newspaper The Blade, Katie was offered the lead role in "Buffy the vampire Slayer" (a role played by Sarah Michelle Gellar), but she declined, as she had to finish her studies.

And it might not have worked out with the Bay, either. In Hollywood, there is a legend that Katie refused to go to the audition in Los Angeles because of participation in a school play.

"I could not let down the school in any way... So I said to Kevin [Director Kevin Williamson], " I'm Sorry, but I can't meet you this week. I have another obligations."

Her tenacity won out: Williamson allowed her to send a sample record. Holmes shot them in the house basement together with her mother, who played Dawson, and got the role.

She says she can't stand social media: "I don't use instagram very often, and if I do this, it's usually for work issues. You can look at photos of strangers and think that you know them, but it is impossible to show the person completely. You just see their version and should always remember that." For a moment, she is lost in thought.

"It's just a picture. You don't know them. You don't know their past."

It is not the first time that seems Holmes speaks indirectly about herself. The interview has been moving in this direction for some time. She carefully, discreetly refers to her life, skilfully evading any question that violates her personal space.

I'm asking about Suri. Holmes was 27 when she gave birth to her — relatively young by today's standards. "I was happy to be a mom after twenty" is all she says. - It's good that our age is suitable... how can I explain this? My daughter and I were good friends when she was her age and I was my age. We kind of grew up together."

I keep pushing my line: are they a good team? Suddenly there is a noticeable chill in our dialogue. She responds abstractly that most families are a closed world.

At the same time she talks about the house: "It's really cozy there. I have a lot of photos. I love vintage art from flea markets. New York is busy and heavy, so I want our apartment to be very comfortable and gentle. This is our style. And there are many shades in the apartment." This is almost the first time she has used the pronoun "we", and so I try again. She mentions that she recently bought a record player, and I take a risk: who chooses the music in the house?

The chill again. Then she does what she does every time I enter private territory during the interview: she tilts her head and twists her mouth. "It's personal..." is her standard response. And the subject changes again.

This is discouraging, because in fact, Holmes is very endearing. When she speaks, there is a genuine warmth. And that's why you want to know more.

Did her fortieth birthday change her?

Actually, no! she laughs. — A couple of years ago, I made my first film and worked on completing the second one. When you're young, you think: I'll never be forty! And then this day comes, and you realize that everything is normal. I'm still doing what I've always done. I am happy with my career, and I am happy with the projects that I will implement.

She had worked hard for the past twenty years. Unfortunately, her work is invariably overshadowed by her love relationships and wardrobe. Soon she will appear twice on the screens: soon, "Doll 2: Brahms" is released, and in the spring with an adaptation of the acclaimed book "Mystery", dedicated to self-improvement.

"Doll 2: Brahms" is a horror story about a mother (played by Holmes) who is afraid that her child will be captured by a doll. "It's a metaphor for mothers," Katie says. — You don't want to have a bad influence on your children, do you?"» Is she worried about the bad influence on 13-year-old Suri? "Isn't every parent worried? she says sharply. "Yes, of course I do. There is so much bad news, so much hate... Atmosphere in the world... appalling».

The next day, we meet at the cover shoot. Holmes came from the Fendi collection show, where she sat in the front row. She is friendly and talkative, from head to toe in Fendi brand and Spa Slippers. When we take a selfie, she suggests lying on the floor and taking a picture from above, because "you know, it's all about chins." She doesn't look like the woman who looked suspiciously at my voice recorder just 24 hours ago. She seems to be free. All right, more free.

When I watch Katie work for the camera — calmly — I have no idea who she is. Is she "beige"? No. She's too smart. In addition, you need to work hard to turn beige into art. Beige is her comfort zone, but I suspect it's not what she is. Beige is what talented people pass off as their own to keep the world at a distance.

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